$2,000 Photo Challenge: Staff Picks

Monday, October 27 is the last day to vote for this year’s photo challenge winner.  We received a lot of great entries this year… but only one photographer can win the $2,000 Grand Prize and bragging rights for this year’s Photo of the Year.

I’m including below a list of some of our staff favorites…

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing



STAFF PICK #1: By Lori Allen

Working at the Elephant Farm - by benoitpi

Photo Challenge Staff Picks

“I’ve got a big travel itch to visit Thailand, so I love this photo.  Stay tuned as you might see Thailand on our list of workshop destinations next year.  More details to come…”

STAFF PICK #2: By Bonnie Caton

Hiking, South Africa - by CM

“I’m a hiker, and this photo makes me want to get out my boots and backpack.  It’s absolutely breathtaking and you really get an impression of how big the world is compared to the solitary hiker.”

STAFF PICK #3: By Jackie Flynn

Ferguson Center For The Arts - by VanHWhite

“This photo is really compelling because of the light and the angles at play. It reinforces some of the basic rules of good photography, like using repeating patterns, ‘S curves,’ etc.”

STAFF PICK #4: By Jackie Gray

Daddy’s Gentle Touch - by MissMegan

“I just love pictures that evoke emotion and tell a story.  In addition to having great composition, this photo does just that.”

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