2014 - The Year of Getting What We Want!

“Free-spirited” as I am, I’ve never liked the word “goals.” But this year, something feels different, new. Maybe it’s the excitement of knowing that I can craft a life around the things I love, starting now. And so can you.

We should get what we want.

With that in mind, here are my goals for 2014:

  1. Make 10k in photography income in my spare time.
  2. Run a half marathon.
  3. Sketch (as in draw) every day.
  4. Manage time better by planning out the whole year. Breaking goals and events into months and checking-in weekly.

Part of that 10k will be portraits, headshots, events, etc. But I want a good chunk of it to come from stock photo sales.

Which means I need to upload more photos each month.

Considering that I'm moving to Montana, traveling to France, leading a Thailand workshop, instructing at the Ultimate Money-Making Photo Workshop in Santa Fe, coming up with a new program that I think you’ll love, and working on my family photography and portraiture side-business, I need subjects that mesh with my busy life.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • January - Valentine's images - kitchen table setup with props
  • February - St. Patrick's Day - kitchen table setup with props and Guinness
  • March - Flowers, flowers, flowers + Portland scenes
  • April - Travel images from Santa Fe during the Ultimate Money-Making Photo Workshop
  • May - "Moving" images, architecture (my house with nothing in it), road trip...
  • June - Artistic people shots & rodeo images
  • July - Montana landscape and details
  • August - Montana landscape and details
  • September - People shots & senior portraits
  • October - Family and Christmas-themed photos
  • November - Thailand travel images
  • December - Wintry outdoor images

Some of these subjects will be double-dipping -- shooting portraits for a paid client that I can also use for stock. We’ll talk more about that as the year goes on.

Other things I’ll likely shoot:

Food - I love food, and I love to photograph it.  So I may get a few spare food shots.

Travel - Travels can come up unexpectedly, but I will always have my camera with me.

Personal Projects - Self-portrait projects or other creative endeavors sometimes produce great stock images.

What do you want? What does your year look like? What are you most looking forward to shooting? Share your hopes, dreams, and goals for 2014 on the Breakfast StockClub Facebook page, here.

Here’s to 2014 - The Year of Getting What We Want!

-- Bonnie

Bonnie Caton
Creator, Breakfast Stock Club

P.S. It’s easier to stick to your goals when you have a support group. Sign up for Breakfast Stock Club Premium membership and see what it’s like to be prompted with new themes, ideas, and support from the pros each month, here.

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The Latest from your Breakfast StockClub Facebook Page

Readers shared their stock photo goals for 2014 on the Breakfast StockClub Facebook Page. Here are some of my favorites:

From Gerald Mink: My goals for 2014, which I realize will seem modest to a lot of you, are to upload every month and to get five photos accepted each month. My sales are unfortunately across five agencies, so another goal is to sell enough at one of them so that I can request a payout.

From Lynn Allen-Michels: Just to add to my portfolio and submit to more agencies. I'm truly a "lazy stock photographer"! I want to be more ambitious.

From Valerie Haas: To not feel overwhelmed by all the photos I have to submit, but just do a little at a time. AND get a paycheck! I'm close to getting one, so I think this is an attainable goal.

From Theresa St John: I would like to get better at the settings on my camera and also send and get accepted to iStock.

From Barbara McGlothlin: I just uploaded my first photograph to Dreamstime. I would like to get accepted and start doing photography full-time.

From Sue Stevenson: Do something...

From Kinne Bassett: Get over my feeling of incompetence - I know I must have photos that could be accepted and might bring in some revenue!

From Pamela Wiggins: I must say that I've been learning a lot about photography from the programs I've obtained through BSC. I've only sent out 7 photos to one place with one accepted. As I look through my pics I can tell better if a photo is "ready". My goals are 1) to take clearer pics 2) to put more people in them and 3) to send more photos out.

From Travel Thru My Eyes: Get accepted by Shutterstock and Veer. Increase my portfolio size at the 5 agencies I'm in. And increase my total agency sales to at least $50 per month. Not a lofty amount but at the end it will pay for a plane ticket or a few nights in a resort.

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