Alf B. Meier

Alf B. Meier was capable of doing studio and lab work by age 13. His father, who'd earned his way through college as a daily newspaper photographer, taught Alf how.

When Alf was in college, he interned at the newspaper La Voz deAviles (Aviles, Spain) as a writer-photographer. After earning his diploma, he freelanced for a major European press agency. He took his camera to Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East — wherever there were riots, battles, or other conflicts to cover.

In the early 1980s, Alf was approached by the art director of an advertising agency to do commercial photography. He stayed in this industry for a decade, specializing in advertising and fashion photography. Since 1995, he has concentrated on travel and travel-related advertising photography.

Alf's pictures are published in approximately 65 magazines (including two photos of Portugal in National Geographic) as well as hundreds of brochures and postcards. His fees are impressive. If his agent is approached, he will demand 5,000 euro (approximately $6,000) for a day of taking pictures.

Alf B. Meier is also a contributing author to each of these programs:

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