Reece Guth

Reece Guth's photography ability led him to start an import-export business. He'd been offered a part-time job photographing the progress of a development project on Nicaragua's Pacific coast. When his liaison there found out he had an interest in ceramics (he used to be a professional potter) she immediately insisted on driving him two hours to a quiet little village nestled in the hills between two sleeping volcanoes, to a spot that literally wasn't on the map.

There, in San Juan de Oriente, he discovered the locals made beautiful pottery, a ceramic tradition that dates back to 1,000 BC. Fascinated, he brought some of the pottery back home with him as a souvenir…and an import-export business was born. Today, Reece is a master of taking photos of his products to assist him in making more sales. 

Reece Guth is also a contributing author to each of these programs:

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