An Easter Egg Hunt for Prizes, Travel Tips in our Archives

** Rules of the Game **

For every question below, there’s an answer – and a corresponding “Easter Egg” hidden on our website:

Look for the answer in our archives (you don’t need to send it to us!), then click on the egg to pick up all kinds of cool prizes like: free reports, travel tips, discount coupons, and more.

Here’s your Virtual Easter Egg Hunt…


** 1.  A “curves” adjustment in Photoshop will help you set either the tone or the contrast of your image. Which one is it…and how does it improve your image?

(Hint: We’ve published information about working with curves in Photoshop several times in the past. Look for the answer and the eggs here)

** 2.  According to professional photographer Rich Wagner, what is the number one flash tip to keep in mind when you shoot?

(Hint: Look for the answer here)

** 3.  What is the single most important photo composition tip?

(Hint: It’s a “rule.”  Find it here)

** 4.  What’s the difference between “warm” light and “cool” light in photos, and how can you watch for this difference when you shoot?

(Hint: Look for the answer here -and click on the eggs)

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