One response to “Are You Taking Snapshots?”

  1. Martyn Clarke-Smith

    I took the 30-Day Stock Success Program and submitted my first 10 photos to the three agencies two days ago. Being taken step by step through the submission process I found particularly helpful, though I have still been unable to attach the model releases to the Dreamstime submissions.
    Searching through my collection of photos I realize that most of mine are of 'snapsho' quality and the inspector from Bigstock was quick to point that out even in the photos that I thought were OK.
    One Photo out of the 10 was accepted by Bigstock; that was a simple photo of two hands, a lump of clay and potter's wheel. I realised then the truth in almost every letter that comes from the Breakfast Stock Club :MOST STOCK PHOTOS ARE ONLY YOUR BACKYARD AWAY!
    I had 'motorbiked' for miles, looking for subjects, now I walk within two hundred metres of my home and study the craft with different photos in mind.
    Disappointed , but at age 75 years, by NO MEANS discouraged. I shall continue to persevere and await with interest my letter from Fotolia and Dreamstime.
    Many thanks for your encouragement, Team.

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