Austin Photo Workshop Schedule

Thursday, January 31 
* Welcome & Staff Introductions, by Lori Allen, Director of Great Escape Publishing.

* How to Jump-Start Your Entrepreneurial Spirit and Set Yourself Up for Success, by Barbara Winter, author of the best-selling Making a Living without a Job.

* Five Myths about Magazines Debunked: What Every Photographer Needs to Know to Land Photos and Stories in the Glossies, by freelance writer and editor, Jennifer Stevens.

* Selling Locally: How to Fund Your Travels Before Leaving Home, by professional photographer, Rich Wagner.

* Church Directories: How to Make Money, Have Fun, and Serve Your Local Community, by Anchor Photography's Ward and Kammy Thurman.

* Youth Sports: How to Make $2,500 a Day Taking Simple Pictures, by Anchor Photography's Ward and Kammy Thurman.

* How to Break into Online Stock Agencies Where Pictures of Grass, Curtains and Other Everyday Household Items Sell for Super-fast Cash… Even While You Sleep, by professional photographer, Shelly Perry.

* An Un-Explored Niche: Health and Healing… What it Takes to Sell to This Market, by QD Solutions' Art Director, Theodore Hennessey

* Welcome Cocktail Reception in the Bookstore.

Friday, February 1 

* Cool Equipment and Printing Options, Meet Donovan Knighton from Virtual Backgrounds and Carl Clark from Pounds Photographic Labs Inc.

* The Difference between an Average Shot and a $5,000 Photo: A Lesson in Photo Composition with Rich Wagner

* Create Your Own Stock Photographs: A Practice Photo Shoot with Live Models.

* Tricks of the Trade Travel Photography: Tips from Photographers Working on Assignment, by Rich Wagner

* Pro-Processing for Beginners: From Camera to Computer to Client with Riley Caton

* VIP Lunch for Elite Access Members and Loyalty Club Members

* Getting to Know Your Camera: How to Get the Best Possible Pictures Every Time, by Rich Wagner

* Working with Models and Model Releases, by Shelly Perry.

* When you Have Photos First: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Land a By-Line, by Jennifer and Patrick Stevens.

* How to Turn Your Picture's Worth from a Thousand Words to a Thousand Bucks: An Introduction to Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom with Rich Wagner

* The Kinds of Pictures Editors Want: An Inside Look at Getting Your Photographs into Magazines and Newspapers with Riley Caton

* Cocktail party
Saturday, February 2  

* The Inside Scoop: What It Takes to Break into Airline In-Flight Magazines with Your Photos, by Alicia Noack, Art Director, ExpressLane Magazine (in-flight for Express Jet)

** Meet Istock's Top Selling, Star Photographer Lise Gagne and Find Out if You Have What It Takes to Build a Six-Figure Incoming Selling Stock Photographs

* Pro-Processing for Stock and Magazines with Shelly Perry.

* How to Select the Right Camera, by Rich Wagner

* An Easy, Low-Budget Way to Set Up Your Own Webpage and Take Orders Online, by Shelly Perry

* How to Put Together and Manage Your Own Studio Light Set-up at Home, with Rich Wagner in the Photo Studio

* Hands-on Tricks of the Trade Portraiture with Riley Caton in the Photo Studio

* Q&A and Success Panel.

* Farewell Cocktails