Basic photo editing can make a big difference

Sometimes you have a great idea for a photo. You point your camera, line everything up just right, click the shutter, and smile all the way home, knowing you got something great.

But when you view the photo in your computer, something isn’t right. It’s just not the image you remember taking. It’s duller, not as vibrant or as interesting.

I used to think this was because I lacked any true talent whatsoever. Then I learned about the not-so-secret world of photo processing.

In many cases, the photo in my head was hiding in the photo I took all along. It just needed a little coaxing in Lightroom to come out. A photo makeover, if you will.

Here’s what I mean...

Before - too dark:

After a quick edit in Lightroom:

Before - too dark, too far away:


 Before - too bright:


basic photo editing

Before - too bright & hazy:


Before - too dark:


Easy-peasy. All it took to fix these was a few minutes in Lightroom.

Your camera almost never captures exactly what you see. In some cases, it’s impossible, since our eyes see a much wider range of light and dark than our cameras do.

That’s why photo processing -- or at least a few basic tweaks -- is a must if you want to sell your photos (or even if you just want them to reach their full potential and reflect the image that you saw in real-time.)

And really, it’s much simpler than you think. You don’t need to be a computer whiz or technical genius. It only takes a few clicks and your picture can go from lack-luster to vibrant and compelling.

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