Breakfast Stock Club: Reader Stock Sales and Portfolios

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

I’ve always loved that Robert Schuller quote. But you and I both know that failure -- in one form or another -- is inevitable.

So how about this, instead: Imagine what you could achieve if each failure inspired you to keep going!

A few weeks ago, I sent a survey to Breakfast Stock Club readers to see how many photos you’ve had accepted into stock sites and how many stock sales you’re making.

Here’s what I found:

The 92 readers who responded have a total of 51,743 stock photos accepted into agencies... and a total of 68,463 combined sales!

This is amazing! Some readers are just getting started with one or two sales... while others have thousands.

I also asked readers to share links to their stock photo portfolios, so that I can buy from them when I need photos. You’ll find that list here. (If you’d like me to add your name and portfolio, send an email to with a direct link to your portfolio.)

I don’t know if you heard... but the owner of Shutterstock -- one of the top online stock photo agencies -- became a billionaire this week.

This is a healthy market right now. And if you’re not putting yourself out there, risking some rejection here and there, you’re denying yourself a piece of the pie.

We’ve got plenty of free resources to help you get started right in the Breakfast Stock Club archives. Try this three-part series on getting started:

  1. Where to Submit Photos
  2. What Agencies Want
  3. Which of Your Photos to Sell as Stock

Even if all you do is spend an extra 15 minutes, a couple days a week, you can start selling your photos online as stock. It just takes doing it.

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From Nancye Allison: WooHoo! I'm an earner! Sold a pix on BigStock for $1 whole dollar! Can't figure out which one, or how to get the cash, but it's a start! LOL

From Joy Ciaccio: Since March, I have had good luck with all my flower photos getting accepted at iStock, even the one that is now in the Challenge. And a couple of pics from March have even sold through the Partner Program.

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