Photography Tips and Tricks

How to Set Up a Simple Photo Shoot in Your Home

Why not set up a simple photo shoot in your home using nothing but a window and a table... then sell the best photos in online stock photo agencies?

Selling Your Photos Online Is Surprisingly Simple

The great thing about selling your photos online as stock -- besides the passive income stream -- is how simple it can be.

Sell Spring Photos Online as Stock… Even in the Winter

Even though it’s still mid-winter, now is the time to sell sunny, springtime photos. Read on for ideas of how to sell spring photos when it's still winter.

How to Sell Photos of Board Games as Stock

Read about what kind of photos are on high demand nowadays, and how easy it can be for you to take them without fancy equipment!

Create Professional-Looking Images with Your Phone

Create Professional-Looking Images with Your Phone

Can smart phone photos really look good when you print them? Take a look at the printed and framed Android phone photo below...

What’s Your Photography Style?

What kind of photographer are you: hunter or farmer?

A High Selling Stock Photo is Not Always Pretty

A High Selling Stock Photo is Not Always Pretty

It's hard to determine what makes a photo saleable in today's market. Read on to learn why sometimes the unpleasant photo outsells the pretty.

How to Sell Your Photos in Coffee Shops

Leave the office and go hang out in coffee shops; they're a great place to make money with your photos. Here, fine art photographer David Morgan explains how...

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