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Breakfast Stock Club Reader of the Month, Paula

What would you do if all your life, nothing felt right? If you dabbled in one job or another for decades until -BAM!- finally, you found the one thing that felt right? You'd keep doing it, that's what! That's how Paula Ohreen felt when she found stock photography. She's been going at it for about […]

How to Get Started in Stock Photography

Great Escape Publishing staff writer and creator of the Breakfast Stock Club newsletter, Bonnie Caton, started submitting photos to five stock agencies last year. Today she has over 300 sales. She’ll collect her first check this week. Her stock goal for 2011 -- $5,000 in image sales. Read on to see how she started… how […]

How It Feels to Get Your First Stock Photo Sale

How It Feels to Get Your First Stock Photo Sale

Your heart races… your palms sweat… you want to scream out loud -- YES!!! It’s an exhilarating feeling the first time you get a stock photo sale. But it’s an even better feeling when you start getting consistent sales. When you can watch your numbers go up… up… up each week. I’m collecting my first […]

How to Photograph (and Sell) Pictures of Yourself for Stock

January is almost over, and so is this month’s Photo Challenge theme: New Year, New You. If you haven’t submitted a self-portrait yet, you’ve got until midnight on Monday to send one in and compete for the monthly prize -- a $30 gift certificate to the AWAI E-bookstore -- and the yearly $2,000 Grand Prize […]

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