Dinosaurs, Human Bed Warmers, and the Left Side of a Pig

Last week I said we were going to talk about dinosaurs, human bed warmers, and the left side of a pig this week.

There are three important lessons here. (Actually four, though the first lesson is a big shame on me).

Lesson #1: Don’t promise articles you can’t fulfill. Last week when I said I was going to write about these things, I forgot that the schedule was already pretty full with notes from Morocco. Shame on me for not keeping a better schedule. And shame on you if you ever promise an editor a story you can’t complete. Or promise to meet a deadline and then not come through.

Lesson #2: Dinosaurs. In Utah, they just unearthed a new kind of dinosaur… and that’s good news for you if you’re interested in getting paid to travel and you still haven’t sold any travel articles, photos, or tours. Why? Because if they’re still finding dinosaurs then it’s never too late to find and reinvent yourself as a writer, photographer, or tour leader.

Lesson #3: Human Bed Warmers. These exist. There’s a hotel in London that offers a strange comfort -- call the front desk to tell them that your sheets are cold, and they’ll send a staff member in a white cotton suit to crawl between your sheets to warm up the bed. Kinda creepy if you ask me, but that’s one of the great things about travel. There’s another world out there waiting to be explored. Behind every door is an adventure worth writing about and photographing. (By the way, if you have photographs of these human bed warmers, send me an email by replying to this e-letter.  I’d love to see them in action.).

Lesson #4: The left side of a pig. I heard on the radio that the left side of a pig has the best meat because pigs typically sleep on their left. Not true, say a butcher, a meat packer, and two farmers. We called them all this week to confirm, and they all replied that it’s simply an old wives’ tale. Moral of the story: If you’re ever caught in a similar situation where you’d like to write about something you were told or that you read somewhere… and you can’t confirm it through a reputable source online… go ahead and pick up the phone. These guys were all willing to help us out in our search for truth. And you’d do well to stake your reputation on an article that’s factually correct and reliable.

-- Lori

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. Spend some time this weekend practicing your travel writing or photography.

Step 1. Pick a destination -- someplace you've always wanted to go.
Step 2. Snap some photos -- just like you would anyway.
Step 3. Treat yourself to a nice dinner out -- we'll call it research.
Step 4. Write a few paragraphs – maybe that next afternoon.
Step 5. Get a massage -- you deserve it (and if you write about it, it could be a tax write off).
Step 6. Cash your check -- could be anywhere from $50 to $950.
Step 7. Repeat.

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