6 responses to “Doubling My Stock Photography Portfolio: My Best Month Ever”

  1. Nancy Perine

    Thanks, Caroline, for sharing your experiences. ... and your photos. I've had quite a few photos "ready to roll", but yeah .. the fear of rejection, not knowing how to size them, etc. has held me back. Your article was just what I needed to "just do it"!!!

    Do you know if we can submit the same photos to different sites .. as long as there's no "exclusive" with any particular site?

    Aloha .. and again, thanks!!! Nancy On Maui

  2. Patrice Zinck

    Thank you for your honest article. I also let fear get in the way of moving forward, however after my mom passing away this year I found some new courage and started moving forward. I felt ready, sometimes you just need to feel ready. But don't wait too long for the feeling, sometimes you have to fake it! LOL

  3. Sue LaCabe

    You are so right ! I submitted some photos last year that were totally trashed for technical problems.now, I have a better (nor the BEST) SLR that I am learning to use paying attention to the critique I received. A digital camera class is next and more rear h and practice photos. It will be stuff I like but sent to appropriate sites.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sue LaCabe

  4. Gaurav Bhatnagar

    Nice Photos ...
    I really liked them
    It's amazing you identified your fears and just let them go


  5. sue gresham

    Hi Caroline, Well done you.. I have got quite a lot on line now with five aagencies and hope to add a lot more with a new and better camera (mine was an entry level model - and I have had a long lay off due to a fractured spine and a broken shoulder)! Cameras and all the gear are not light to carry around.. It is very interesting that one agency will take all my photos and another is rather horrid and yet another offers advice and I can resubmit if I carry out the advice given! As you so rightly point out, agencies like different things - and sometimes ii is difficult to tell - so there are rejections! Never mind! Good luck and best wishes for your continued success.

  6. Marianne Campolongo

    Hi Caroline:
    Your stuff looks great. I see via FB you've been licensing a lot of terrific images. Congrats on the article, all the new sales, and on doubling your portfolio. You've inspired me!
    I tripled my portfolio on Alamy this year (easy since their requirements are technical rather than more personal) However, although I feel like I can take criticism, I've been neglecting all the other sites. Time to work on adding some different photos to iStock, shutterstock et al. - getting lots of sales but I know I'd have many more if I uploaded some new work. You've inspired me to do it! Thanks!
    Best regards,

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