New Mexico Balloon Fiesta Photography Expedition
October 1-5, 2015

Santa Fe

Join us for the
most colorful event
on our calendar this year …

Watch hundreds of magnificent hot-air balloons launch into the sky…experience the magic of the “After Glow” fireworks extravaganza…take a trolley tour of historic Albuquerque, and much more...

If you’re wondering exactly how to turn your passion for photography (and travel) into a lucrative side income or even a whole new career … but don’t know where to begin … then this is your Golden Ticket …

This October 1-5, I invite you to join professional photographer Efrain Padró -- and just nine other attendees -- in New Mexico for one of the world’s biggest annual hot-air balloon festivals.

With over 600 balloons ready to take to the skies, and the state’s biggest firework display waiting to explode, you’ll have so much opportunity to get out and have fun experimenting with your camera -- all under the guidance of Efrain whose job it is to make sure you return home with stunning photos you can sell to newspapers, magazines, websites, and more …

For five adventure-filled days in New Mexico, you’ll:

If you're intrigued by the prestige of seeing your photos in magazines … if you long for a career or sideline that lets you travel whenever you like and live wherever you prefer … then this is, hands down, the best place to begin your adventure.

Efrain has a schedule that takes in both the crisp desert skies by day … and the magic of a night-time shoot where you’ll capture the beauty of the lit-up balloons after dark …

Not only will you come away with a real passion for New Mexico – having discovered it with a photographer’s eye – but you'll also learn all the ins and outs you need to take amazing photos … and sell them. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll see your own hometown in a whole new light, too … and start uncovering photo (read: income) opportunities at every turn …

By the way, you don't need an expensive camera to take magazine-quality photos. This October 1-5, 2015, in New Mexico, we'll show you exactly how it's done.

Whether you have little experience and modest equipment or you’re already a talented amateur photographer, this expedition will give you everything you need to establish yourself as a true pro.

Join us in New Mexico and take 
your photo skills to new heights …

With Efrain by your side, you’ll stroll through rows and rows of colorful, vibrant balloons, snapping photos all the while … watching as each one gracefully ascends to the early-morning sky …

You’ll also take a trolley tour through downtown Albuquerque … soaking up the old and new … and experimenting with landmark buildings, people shots, and the little details that mean something to you (that can make great close-up shots for magazine articles) …

Of course, no trip is complete without sampling local cuisine. And, we’ve organized a day-trip to Santa Fe where you’ll try your hand at cooking … tasting … and photographing … traditional Southwest dishes in an interactive cooking class.

We’re keeping the group small -- limited to just 10 attendees -- so you get to have the best experience … and as much of Efrain’s time as you need to take your photography to a whole new level.

Attendees of these live workshops boast great successes – and you needn't have a lick of experience to join their ranks. All you really need is a passion for exploring the world (even your own backyard), camera in hand.

Our presentations on selling and reselling your photographs include everything from taking the right kinds of photographs … to knowing and understanding which market will be most likely to buy them.

What’s more, every workshop participant will have access to pre-recorded videos when they return home that show the ins and outs of photo-editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop – so even your less-than-perfect shots (it happens to us all … even the pros!) can be sold for a by-line and a check.

Activity Level
High activity. Most of this workshop will be spent out-and-about on foot throughout New Mexico. You should be able to climb 3-4 flights of stairs and walk at least 2 miles with no problem to take this tour. You’ll need your walking shoes on every day of this workshop, and you’ll be waking up very early on day 3 to get to the pre-dawn balloon festival.

There are no prerequisites. This workshop is for people of all skill levels and experience, and the concepts discussed are doable by anyone. Point-and-shoot cameras are welcome. You might want to have a camera with good zoom capability, but point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras are both welcome.

Our Participants in Similar Programs
are Enjoying Great Successes

Programs like this one in New Mexico boast an unbeatable track record – it really does propel people from amateur to pro, fast.

Take Lynnia Allison. She attended our workshop in The Bahamas, and one month later, she displayed some of her photographs at a local gallery exhibit and sold four at $500 a piece.

And there's Sue Wright, who attended our workshop in Paris and sold more than $1,500 worth of photos within three months of returning home.

They both paid for their workshop fees in short order, and the skills they used to do it are the same ones you'll learn in New Mexico this fall.

We'll teach you everything you need to know to create your own successes … and turn your photos into cash so you can enjoy the freedom, independence, and amazing travel opportunities freelance photography can deliver.

Discover the Skills and Secrets You Need 
to Turn Your Snapshots into Cash … 
and Your Travels into Paid Vacations …

This New Mexico program will focus on magazine photography and selling your photos locally.

Instructor Efrain Padró is a full-time professional photographer specializing in nature and travel photography, based in Denver, Colorado.  His photographs have appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Frommer’s Budget Travel, Geographic Expeditions catalogs, and other publications.

Before moving to Denver, Efrain lived in Santa Fe, NM for almost a decade and authored his own photo book, The Photographer’s Guide to New Mexico. In other words, our guy knows all the hot spots and will be sure you get to sample some of the best …

In New Mexico, he’ll show you how to sell your photos to travel magazines, guidebooks and as stock and he’ll also share his secrets for selling locally to fund your vacations… all while leading you on tours of Albuquerque’s historic Old Town, charming Santa Fe, and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the premier balloon festival in the world.

Shoots and presentations on this expedition will focus on …

Where You’ll Stay

Flanked by the majestic Sandia Mountains to the East and the fertile Rio Grande Valley to the West, Albuquerque was founded in 1706 by a group of Spanish colonists under the auspices of King Philip of Spain. 

You’ll be based at the Hotel Albuquerque, situated in the heart of the Historic Old Town District.

Using the hotel as a base, you’ll explore and photograph Old Town, the city’s birthplace, known for its leafy plaza surrounded by traditional adobe structures and the double-towered San Felipe de Neri Church; Route 66, which passes right in front of our hotel; and, of course, the world-famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, featuring the stunning sight of hundreds of balloons simultaneously taken to New Mexico’s blue skies.

You’ll also venture north to the Royal Village of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi, better known as Santa Fe, to explore and photograph its own historic plaza, Indian vendors selling traditional pottery and jewelry, colorful ristras (strings of peppers), the Palace of the Governors, the Santa Fe Cathedral, and more. And, while in Santa Fe, you’ll also get to rustle up some local fare at an interactive cooking class at the Santa Fe School of Cooking.

It’s safe to say that while exploring New Mexico, you can’t help but find something to photograph everywhere your eyes alight.  And that’s why we’ve chosen it for this special, small-group photography expedition this fall.

Read on for the full itinerary, below…

Learn How to Capture Architecture, People, 
and Event Shots That Will Sell

You'll find this program fast-paced and fun! You really will see New Mexico in a way you never could as a regular tourist. We have a full itinerary planned for each day and most of the workshop will be done out and about on foot, so you'll need to be prepared for high-activity throughout the week.

You’ll also benefit from unique one-on-one instruction with Efrain throughout the five days, both during shoots and special classroom sessions.

And you’ll learn about which types of subjects sell best for editorial in magazines, including architecture, people, and events. And almost every day there'll be special group photo reviews, where you’ll learn what you’re already doing well and what you can do to improve your photos and bump up your success. Efrain will provide you with the insights you need to really put your camera to work for you and, once you've captured the shots you want … how to sell them.

Here's a run-down of what you can expect …

Day 1 (half day): October 1

You'll meet with Efrain and your group in the late afternoon and get right down to business. After a brief introductory meeting at the hotel, you will look through some of Efrain’s favorite shots of New Mexico and hear about how he photographed and wrote The Photographer’s Guide to New Mexico. This talk will get you geared up for the fun- and photography-packed next few days.  Dinner is on us tonight and we’ll eat together in a local Old Town restaurant.

Day 2: October 2

This morning Efraín will walk you through some compositional suggestions and techniques that you can use to improve your shots right off the bat. Later in the morning, you’ll apply your newly-learned knowledge by taking a tour of Old Town and Route 66 on an open-air, adobe-covered trolley. From the trolley, you’ll be able to photograph typical Route 66 subjects like old neon signs, diners, and “Pueblo Deco” architecture.  You’ll also spend time this afternoon photographing Old Town, including the landmark San Felipe de Neri Church, as well as narrow alleys dotted with unique restaurants and shops.

In the afternoon, there’ll be some photo reviews and Efrain will share tips for photographing the hot-air balloons the next day. Later, you’ll walk from your hotel to explore another section of Route 66 or Downtown Albuquerque, featuring an interesting mix of traditional and modern architecture.

Day 3: October 3

It’s an early rise today as you get out to photograph the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. You’ll first photograph the “morning glow” event, when hot air balloons are illuminated while on the ground in preparation for flight. Then, at sunrise, you’ll get to witness the wonderful “Mass Ascension,” when literally hundreds of balloons take to the skies at the same time, creating a spectacle of color floating in front of your viewfinder.

After a leisurely lunch at one of the restaurants near the hotel, there’ll be another photo review to make sure you’re getting the most out of the photo expedition. At this time, Efrain will also go over the settings and tips for photographing fireworks later in the evening.

Early evening, you’ll head back to the Balloon Fiesta grounds to photograph the “After Glow” event and fireworks show.

Day 4: October 4

This morning, you’ll have time for some rest and relaxation before the day’s activities.

Late morning, you’ll meet your group at the hotel classroom for an introductory presentation about Lightroom, Adobe’s file-management and editing software program. There’ll also be some extra time to edit the pictures you’ve shot so far.

This evening, dinner will be on your own at one of the many restaurants near the hotel.

After dinner, you’ll return to the Balloon Fiesta for a fireworks show.

Day 5: October 5

This morning, you’ll set out on an excursion to Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital and cultural center. Here, your first stop will be the plaza at the Palace of the Governors, an adobe structure dating from the early 17th Century and used by Spain as its seat of government in the region. Today, the Palace is a history museum and its portal is used by Native Americans to sell pottery, jewelry, and other crafts. You’ll then take a walking tour which will feature San Miguel Mission, Loretto Chapel (famous for its miraculous staircase), the recently-renovated Santa Fe Cathedral and the Pueblo-Revival-style New Mexico Museum of Art.

In the afternoon we’ll head to the Santa Fe School of Cooking where you’ll get the chance to put your apron on and have some fun in the kitchen.  Together we’ll whip up some traditional New Mexican cuisine … and enjoy our farewell traditional New Mexican dinner.(only after taking some photos, of course) …  

*Note: Our workshop schedules are always subject to change due to weather and construction.  The primary focus of this workshop is on photography and areas that are good for travel photographs.

Efrain, who you’ll hear from in New Mexico, brings with him many years of photography experience. He’s created a systematic approach to learning photography that anyone can follow …

 … a system that, when coupled with a bit of persistence, is so powerful, our past workshop attendees are finding great success.

The information you’ll gain at this workshop could, quite literally, change your life — it has already for so many of our past attendees who, today, are making money as photographers and enjoying the freedom and flexibility this life can offer.

A Very Special Price
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The registration fee for the workshop includes:

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Space is limited and this is the only photography workshop we’ll be hosting in New Mexico this year. I strongly urge you to sign on soon.  I expect this program to fill up quickly. And I’d hate for you to miss out.

So please, register here now by clicking below or call our office at (202) 370-6459 (Eastern time zone) or toll free at (866) 415-1425. You can also email me at

I look forward to seeing you in New Mexico!

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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P.S. If you can take a simple photograph, you have what it takes to become a successful freelance photographer. It’s that easy. The many successful folks who have attended a workshop of ours in the past don’t do anything you can’t learn to do.

You don’t need fancy equipment. And you don’t need to know a thing about photography to get started. In New Mexico, you’ll learn all the real-world know-how you need to turn a trip here or a vacation there into a little cash on the side … or even jump in full-time. To turn 2015 into the year you transform your snapshots into cash, join us in New Mexico and learn how you can pursue your passions and get paid to do it …

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We strongly suggest you protect your investment by purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, and we would be happy to recommend a policy to you. I’ve written articles about travel insurance before – how to know when you need it and whether or not it’s a good deal – so I can send you those when you register.

Cancellation Policy: All our workshops and expeditions are non-refundable. If, however, you are unable to attend – and you give us at least 30 days notice – we will be happy to apply your payment toward a future workshop, minus a $200 processing fee for expeditions. Cancellations with less than 30 days’ notice may be subject to extra fees.

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Your Instructor

Efraín M. Padró is a full-time professional photographer specializing in nature and travel subjects. His work has appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Frommer's Budget Travel, Geographic Expeditions catalogs and other publications. And he is the author of The Photographer's Guide to New Mexico.


"Efrain is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He explains everything so that you understand, and he has a lot of patience."

– Linda Brooks

"These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to travel to a new locale and explore while learning a new skill."

– Sandra M.,

"Efrain was wonderful – so easygoing and helpful. He spent so much time helping everyone one-on-one. He also has a great teaching style – He's super humorous. I loved him!"

– Lynn Michels

"The workshop was fun. I learned a lot… I met interesting people and I became excited about trying to make money from photography. The workshop is an excellent value and provides information that is difficult to acquire in other ways. It was an excellent opportunity to try different kinds of photography."

– Susan H.

"Efrain is very knowledge able, approachable, very involved with students and willing to share his secrets – He gave the best tips of the trade."

– Joy Spring

"Efrain Padro was a 10! He is a very dynamic speaker and brought great new knowledge and ideas on getting published."

– Sarita Simmons

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