Paris Travel Video Expedition with Tom Reissmann
September 8-13, 2015


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Join Us in the City of Light and Learn to Shoot Travel Videos You Can Sell for $200-$4,000...

While you wander the romantic cobblestone streets ... dine in charming cafés ... and explore the lush parks of Paris ... with professional travel videographer Tom Reissmann as Your Guide.

This coming September in Paris you can ...

Dear Fun-Loving Traveler,

If you’re intrigued by the idea of getting paid to travel...and you long for an exciting and fulfilling way to see the world ... then Paris this fall is, hands down, the best place to start your adventure.

Join Tom Reissmann, a travel videographer with more than 10 years of experience in the field, this September 8-13 for five days of hands-on training, creativity, and FUN!

I assure you, not only will you come away with a real passion for Paris – having discovered it from a real insider’s perspective – but you’ll also learn the ins and outs of creating short video clips you can sell for income.

The travel video market is wide open for beginners and the best time to get in is NOW!

Discover the Skills and Secrets You Need to Shoot Amazing Videos You Can Sell to Tourism Companies ... while Wandering the Romantic Streets of Paris

Tom makes a sustainable $80,000 - $90,000 a year, but he says it’s the fun travel perks that really make him feel like a traveling millionaire.

Ten years ago, he discovered that tourism companies have a real need for promotional videos. With just a short, good-quality video on their website, they can show the highlights of a destination quickly and easily – and get more bookings. They’re happy to pay a few hundred... or thousand... dollars to those with the right video skills.

Tom started by filming in Southern Europe in idyllic locations like Spain, Greece and Italy. As he grew more confident in his skills, he increased his rates and covered trips to Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco the famous pyramids of Egypt, sailing trips along the Nile, safaris in the game reserves of Tanzania and Kenya, as well as luxury honeymoon locations like Zanzibar and Mafia Island. He finished his journey through Africa with a self-drive vacation in South Africa and then moved to Australia.

He has been following his passion of discovering beautiful locations and capturing that beauty on video ever since. He now lives in the Canary Islands and travels around the world to film commercial videos for tour companies and stock agencies.

In Paris this fall, Tom will share his passion for filming and travel with you and tell you about his secrets to making money with travel videos... so you can do the same from anywhere on the planet you choose to live.

You’ll profit from his extensive academic background in the tourism industry and his years of hands-on experience as a travel videographer.

“The piece that’s changed the most these last few years,” says Tom, “is how far camera technology has come and how many new companies are looking to add videos of what they have to offer to their online brochures and websites. The video capabilities of my iPhone far surpass any camera gear I could have bought 10 years ago. And that technology is much cheaper, too. What’s more, it’s not just tour companies who want these videos. It’s small businesses, restaurants, hotel owners, newspapers, magazines, and more. Now’s a great time to get started.”

No matter what your level of experience with photo or video, Tom will guide you through the process of filming professional and saleable shots of one of the most visited cities in the world. And he’ll show you exactly how to edit your material into a promotional tourism video and sell it to buyers.

No prior video experience necessary.

This September 8-13, 2015 in Paris, you’ll:

Join us in the City of Light ... and discover
for yourself the fun, adventure, and romance
of the travel videographer’s life.

What better place than the romantic gardens, grand boulevards, famous landmarks, and streets of Paris to learn about commercial travel videography?

You’ll be presented with great video shots and indeed photo opportunities at every turn...

Cafés and boulangeries ... open-air markets ... the river Seine, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur, and more ... there is no better place to develop your videography skills and come away with incredible footage and photos than in one of the most visited cities in the world.

You’ll walk away with amazing videos and photos, as well as memories of your travels and the know-how to sell them online and to travel companies when you return home ... or even while you’re on the trip!

Participants at our small-group workshops boast great (and FAST) success – and you needn't have a lick of experience to join their ranks.

With the goal of shooting videos you can sell, you’ll also get to watch Tom do his thing as he chooses a scene, composes his shots, and takes the kinds of videos that have propelled him to success.

After just the first two days, you’ll have plenty of video shots that will sell back home and online. And if you’ve never taken video in your life – that’s ok! This will get you started.

Activity Level: HIGH

High activity. Most of this workshop will be spent out-and-about on foot through the streets of Paris.

You should be comfortable walking up and down stairs and cobblestone streets carrying your camera, tripod, and possibly a backpack. It’s estimated that we walk between 2 and 5 miles per day.

We’re not joggers. But it’s a good amount of walking. (Note: elevators are few and far between in Paris and we’ll be up and down the stairs of the metro daily).


It doesn’t matter what level of photographer/videographer you consider yourself to be, or if you’ve never shot video before.

Tom Reissmann may be one of the top travel videographers now but he started out right where you are today – as an amateur with a goal of financing his travel in Africa, Europe, and Australia. He taught himself how to create footage that sells, and he’s excited to share that knowledge with you in Paris.

This workshop is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for folks who truly want to get paid to travel. As I mentioned, it’s going to be all about shooting – both indoors in our luxurious Parisian apartments and outside in the streets of Paris – and you’ll learn a LOT in five days, not to mention enjoy the beautiful city of Paris this fall.

The only prerequisites for this video expedition are that you must own a DSLR camera or any other camera with video capabilities... and you’ll need a lightweight tripod specifically for video (If you don’t already own one, I’ve included some recommendations for this below).

Your Itinerary
September 8-13, 2015

This expedition will be fast-paced and fun, allowing you to see the city in a way you never could as a typical tourist. We have a full itinerary planned for each day, and most of the workshop will be done out and about on foot, so you'll need to be prepared for high activity throughout the week.

You’ll also benefit from unique one-on-one instruction throughout the five days, both during shoots and special classroom sessions.

And you’ll learn about which types of shots sell best for stock video and to travel companies, and what type of footage to shoot when you’re traveling to a new destination ... or working around your own area.

Tom will critique your footage in daily group video reviews, where you’ll learn what you’re already doing well and what you can do to improve your videos and bump up your success. Plus, he’ll provide you with the insights you need to capture the best shots possible ... and then how to go about editing and selling them.

Here's a run-down of what you can expect ...

Day Before the Workshop Begins: Fly into Paris and settle into your apartment. Each apartment is shared by two or more participants. Explore the streets at your own pace... or relax and get ready to shoot a lot tomorrow.

Day 1

Meet your instructor and staff for introductions at the main apartment.

Today we’ll talk about how to use your camera for video, how to create movement, and which types of shots make for a saleable package.

This afternoon, we’ll wander through the parks and along the romantic boulevards to a few spots we’ve staked out in the city that are perfect for taking iconic travel videos.

You’ll put to use what you learned this morning while you shoot, with your instructor and staff at hand to answer questions. We’ll end the day with a video review, where Tom will go over the shots you took, and talk about what to improve on tomorrow.

Day 2

This morning we’ll start bright and early to take advantage of the morning light and shoot when there are fewer people out and about. You’ll expand on what you learned yesterday, soaking in the Parisian autumn atmosphere while taking iconic video shots.

This afternoon we’ll learn how to sell your video footage to tourism companies and how to market your services to the tourism industry. You will learn the dynamics of the tourism industry and how to cater to your clients’ need for fresh video footage to market their tours and destinations.

Day 3

Today, Tom will teach you how video editing works, so you can transform your video clips into polished, professional quality videos you can sell. You’ll practice using your own footage with Tom by your side each step of the way.

This afternoon you’ll grab your gear and head out into Paris on another shoot, keeping what you’ve learned so far in mind. We’ll wrap up the day with a video review session and more guided video editing.

Day 4

Today, now that you know what type of footage works well in an edited video, we’ll hit the streets with those things in mind.

You’ll be surprised at the pace of your progress as you hone these skills out in the field. With Tom’s professional guidance and feedback, you should quickly see a dramatic change in your ability to create saleable videos. You may even find that it comes easier than taking still pictures.

We’ll end the day with a farewell dinner, on us, where you can savor a delicious Parisian meal and swap stories about your trip and what you’ve learned, bounce ideas off of your fellow attendees for future shoots, and enjoy the company of the group.

Day 5

After breakfast, we’ll get together for our final video review, and Tom will answer any questions you have left. He’ll also talk about the next step ... how to get from where you are now to making a good income from commercial travel videos.

You’re free the rest of the day to head home or continue your trip on your own, with new video skills and lots of great shots to show for it.

Note: Schedule and instructors are subject to change.

Paris Exploration and Travel Video Expedition
September 8-13, 2015

Pricing and
What's Included:

Full Price: $4,198 per person (but you won’t pay anywhere near that when you register today.)

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The registration fee for the workshop includes:

*Accommodation details will be sent upon registration. We’ve reserved a handful of luxury apartments in the Marais, and you’ll be paired in a small group of just 2-4 attendees at each apartment. All apartments are within short walking distance from each other and from our main apartment where class will be held.

Your Registration Does NOT Include:

What to Bring:

Again, this workshop is limited to TEN people only, and these small-group workshops always sell out, so reserve your seat now if you want to come.

What’s more, if your spouse or a guest would like to join you, he or she can do so for a special reduced rate. Click here to view the spouse discount.

This is the only travel video expedition we’ll be hosting overseas this year. I strongly urge you to sign up soon. I expect this program to fill up quickly.


Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

Cancellation Policy: All our workshops and expeditions are non-refundable before the event. If, however, you are unable to attend – and you give us at least 30 days notice – we will be happy to apply your payment toward a future workshop, minus a $200 processing fee for overseas expeditions or a $50 processing fee for state-side workshops like those in Portland, Denver, and Palm Springs. Cancellations with less than 30 days notice may be subject to extra fees.

NOTE: You may qualify for additional discounts on this event if you’ve purchased certain programs from us in the past. Go here for a list.

Meet the Expert

Tom Reissmann is the author of Travel Videos for Profit and an expert in creating and selling travel videos to both barter for free vacations and earn a nice profit. He studied Tourism Management in the UK and Australia. His first job was working for a research project, studying the effects of tourism in Costa Rica. He then spent various years travelling in South America and managing a hostel in New Zealand before working as a marketing executive at tour companies in the UK. He finally found his passion about 10 years ago when he started producing promotional videos for tourism companies in Europe. That’s when he realized he could use videos to finance dream vacations. He spent several months filming the wildlife in Tanzania and Kenya and even hiked Kilimanjaro, while getting paid to do so. He later moved to Australia, another of his favorite locations, and spent various years travelling the country and producing travel videos. He moved back to Europe three years ago and now spends most of the year traveling the continent on paid filming assignments.

Testimonials from some of the folks who heard Tom speak at our photography workshop in Santa Fe...

“Tom (was) very concise and thorough discourse and a great speaker. He was extremely helpful and informative.”

—W. F. Moses

“(Tom did an) excellent job of covering difficult new topics, especially video editing.”

— Christina Lederer

“Tom is a great leader.”

— Diane Martin

“(I) loved his video presentations.”

— Mike Young

“Tom gave us a tremendous amount of info.”

– Bettina Risch

“Tom Reissmann—incredible amount of useful info in a wonderful presentation.”

— Michele Sayres