Free Bonus Report Series: Day 3 Shanghai Report

Since you couldn't be with us in Shanghai for our photography expedition, I'm sending back reports to fill you in on what we've learned. You'll find my third report below.


Report #3 -- Three Things You Always Want to Keep in Mind When You Don't Have the Best Photography Day

Dear Reader,

Today's photo shoot in Shanghai was tough.

When the sun was out, it was super bright.  And when it was in, there was barely enough light to get the shot.  There were hordes of people -- each trying to get pictures of themselves in front of the Yu Gardens.  And there was barely enough space to walk, much less raise a camera to your eye. (Welcome to Shanghai!)

Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure we all got something we're proud of today.  So today's special report from Shanghai is simply this…

When you're out and about taking pictures on your next vacation (or simply taking pictures in your own hometown for sale to magazines, newspapers, even stock sites), keep these three things in mind if the weather's not cooperating or the day isn't turning out quite like you hoped…

** 1.) Take lots of photos.

I didn't think I was going to be happy with any of my photos from today's shoot. But when I reviewed them back at the hotel, I actually found a couple that I like (even though they're not perfect)…


** 2.) In a crowded situation, rather than get people out of your shots, try to incorporate them. 

Here's one of Shelly's pictures from today with a couple kissing alongside the water.  While the rest of us were trying to avoid people, Shelly's shot is 10 times more effective because of this couple…

And here it is with a little light processing in Lightroom…

** 3.) Don't be afraid to just try anyway.

If you sit at home and decide you're only going to go out on a perfect day, you'll miss some great opportunities.

This guy was practicing Tai Chi with a gold fish bowl on his head just outside the garden walls.  Who knows what I'll do with this shot or if I'll ever sell it.  But I love it.  And that's what photography is all about -- doing something you love.

More tomorrow…

Happy Shooting!

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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