Get in Closer – How Zeroing in on Your Subject Can Increase its Saleability

I see a bunch of new photos in this month’s Photo Challenge.

That’s great. Keep ’em coming.

The only way to improve your photography is to practice. And the only way to ensure you have a shot at the $2,000 Grand Prize we give out every October for the year’s best photo is to enter.

Bonnie Caton, creator of the Breakfast Stock Photography Club, here again.

I’m going to continue with our video lessons this week on fast and easy ways you can improve the saleability of your photographs with a quick look (again) at photo composition.

I can’t stress enough how important the composition of your photo is in terms of its saleability.

Take a look at what I did with a little photo editing in Lightroom to a few of the photos submitted for this month’s Great Escape Publishing Photo Challenge theme, “It Means the World to Me.”

Keep in mind that I’m trying to show you how you can improve your shots “in camera” by getting them right before you press the shutter -- NOT later, when you get them back to your computer. The changes I’m making in this video took a lot of photo editing work. But they’re really simple changes to make to your picture-taking if you can just train yourself to get it right when you first take the picture.

See what I mean about zeroing in on your subject here:

Tomorrow, I’ll show you a few tricks where more subtle processing in Adobe Lightroom can help you improve the saleability of your photos, too.

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