Great Anniversary Trip? Sell Hi-Res Photos to the Right Magazine

Each day of our 25th anniversary trip was perfect with clear blue skies and cool green water. We chose to celebrate at the same tropical resort where we had spent our honeymoon on Captiva Island in Southwest Florida. It wasn’t until the week before our trip that I realized this would make a great travel article. I did some quick research and contacted the resort’s PR person about writing an article about the stay. At that point, I could only offer my travel writing blog, website, and Twitter as I had no assignment from any publication. But I also asked to experience some of the amenities at the resort.

When we arrived, we had a wonderful room overlooking the tributaries and a fishing dock where we could hear the water gently lap against the shore. The General Manager sent us a bottle of Champagne to thank us for being there to celebrate our anniversary. The PR person also arranged for unlimited golf on the resort’s golf course and a choice of one excursion- all complimentary. My husband is a golfer so he was thrilled with the golf. I however, chose the Catamaran ride to a remote and beautiful island where I spent a few hours hunting for shells. Because of the tides, these islands collect some of the most beautiful shells anywhere. It was my first experience on a Catamaran and it was delightful. We reminisced about our honeymoon trip and the many times we had returned to this tropical paradise.

As we were leaving the hotel room to travel home, I noticed the glossy Generations Magazine on the table. I decided this is where I’d like to submit my article about our experience.

When I returned home, I did some research to find the editor and then pitched him my article, mentioning that I also had hi-res photos to along with it..I was thrilled when I received an email back that he would like to accept it. For this particular publication, the publisher pays a fee for the article and also an additional fee for any photos used with it. For my article, I received $175 and I also received $60 for the four photos that went with it.  So I earned $235 for the full package. I was elated.

Now I always offer that I can supply hi-res photos with my articles and I make sure I read the writers guidelines, in case they pay extra for photos. I also always ask for discounted rates or complimentary extras for photo journalists when I travel.  Sometimes they say no, but most times they say yes.

The article just ran in the January 2013 issue and I’ve added it to my portfolio and a link to it on my website. I love travel writing and photography and my work is starting to pay off.  It’s great to be doing what I love!

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