Holiday Tip #11: How to Re-Gift (And Get Away with It)

Maybe that rhinestone-studded sweater just isn’t you. But it was a gift… so can you really give it to someone else?

These days, re-gifting is an acceptable practice… especially if your unwanted gift can bring true joy to someone else (better than leaving it in the closet to collect dust, right?)

So today, I’m giving you permission to re-gift. Here are five things you’ll want to keep in mind (Holiday Tip #11 if you’re still counting):

** 1. Re-wrap before you re-gift. Nothing says “you’re receiving a re-gifted present” more than wrinkled, torn or worn-down wrapping paper.

** 2. Remember who gave you the original gift. And don’t re-gift it to that person or anyone who knows them. They might spill the beans.

** 3. It’s re-gifted, not re-used. There is a distinct difference between a hand-me-down and a re-gift. It is not acceptable to give someone the pair of shoes that you’ve already worn twice, or a gadget in packaging that has obviously been opened.

** 4. Don’t tell! If you do decide to go the re-gifting route, don’t tell the recipient that the gift was originally intended for you.

** 5. Forget the regret. There’s no need to feel guilty for re-gifting. Why keep a present you’ll never use if you could re-gift it to someone who would truly like it? After all, the purpose of giving a gift is to bring joy to someone else. If you know that rhinestone-studded sweater will bring joy to your aunt on her next birthday, why not jump on the bandwagon and re-gift it? You’ll save money… and reduce waste, too!

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