Photography for Beginners

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We hear from a lot of new readers who are just starting out. They don’t know what an f-stop is or how to adjust their cameras…but they want to get paid for their photos.  And that’s 100% possible.  This 4-part course will help.  It  includes a series of four emails and videos and is designed to explain once-complicated ideas in a very simple manner. 

It’s completely free and it does not obligate you in any way to become a member or buy anything.  It’s simple a way for us to send information to those who want it without bothering those who don’t.

Please register below, and we'll send you your first lesson on March 22. You can review the lessons at your own pace, and afterwards, we’ll send you out on an assignment to  put everything your learned into practice. After all, the best way to learn is through PLAY.

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