Seoul Photography Expedition, September 2014 Alert List

Are you ready to transform your life with photography this year?

This May 2014 in Seoul, South Korea …

Travel with a successful travel writer and explore the exquisite temples … ornate palaces … lush gardens … unique cuisine … intimate tea shops and bustling gardens of Seoul.

You’ll travel through the beautiful, modern, and thriving city of Seoul, unlike you would as a typical tourist. And you’ll have Denver Post Travel Editor (and former food critic) Kyle Wagner by your side every step of the way.

Kyle will help you discover the professional secrets writers use to travel the world for free, and she’ll show you exactly what it takes to get your name in print … fast. You’ll get insider advice and feedback directly from one of the industry’s best travel writers.

If you're ready to take that next step and turn your passion for travel into an exciting lifestyle of free travel, whenever and wherever you desire (not to mention a great side income), join Great Escape Publishing this Spring … and learn how you can get paid to love your life.

This is a small group hands-on workshop with just 9 attendees. Sign up to receive more details when they're available, below.

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