5 responses to “How Steve Collender Funds His Retirement with Microstock Photography”

  1. Bidinoff Bruce

    Congratulations, Steve. I hope you're garnering a six-figure income in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Vivienne Mackie

    An inspiring story---hopefully we can do as well.

  3. nick

    love the Christmas lights, perfect for bordering a greeting card :)

  4. Fazimoon Samad

    I am just like you soon the place I am working at is going to close down and I will be out of a work, stock is the hardest kind of photo taking job, but i am not giving up I have 19 at bigstock and a few here an there,but only one sale .35 cents, at fotolia
    I know I can make money with it.

  5. Elizabeth

    I found inspiration and hope after reading your post as well as seeing the simple photos that you included. I'm in similar circumstances with retirement and income and hope that stock photography will give my situation a real boost Thanks so very much for sharing. Good Luck with your future plans.

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