How to Find Out If Your Photos Will Sell as Stock

How saleable are the photos that you like to shoot most? Let’s find out.

1.Get out a piece of paper and a pencil.
2.Write down your top five favorite things to photograph.
3.Now, go to a stock photo agency website, such as, and search for each of the things you wrote down, one at a time.

I’m willing to bet that no matter what you wrote down, there’s a booming market for your favorite photo subjects. That’s the great thing about selling your photos as stock... there’s a buyer for just about everything.

Bonnie, here, creator of the Breakfast Stock Club, where we talk about selling our photos online as stock.

I asked Breakfast Stock Club readers what they like to shoot most, then I took their responses and did a search on to find out how well each of their niches sells...

** From Kathleen Salai Howell: I seem to be doing well shooting food.

This simple salad photo has sold over 5,700 times -- which means that the photographer has likely made more than $5,700 from this one shot! Yes, food is definitely a big stock niche.

** From Mary McLean: I love to take close up photos of the flowers in my garden.

Yes, there are already a lot of flower shots out there already, but if you do them right, close-up shots of flowers can still be very successful stock images. This one has sold over 400 times on iStock -- which means it’s likely made well over $400.

** From Rosi Berry: Nature... especially birds.

This momma duck with her ducklings in tow has sold over 300 times.

** From Karen Padilla: Animals - especially dogs.

This dog catching a Frisbee has sold over 100 times. Not bad for a fun photo of your pup.

From Paul Heser: Night shots and action shots.

This classic night shot of Nashville has sold over 700 times! What does your town look like at night?

From Elizabeth Coughlan: Paris taught me to love people shots, although I also like travel and tourism ones.

People photos and travel photos both sell very well as stock. Combine the two and now you have a super niche. This photo has sold over 3,700 times.

Not sure what you like to shoot?

Don’t worry, you can sell your photos as stock whether you have a niche or not. The trick is knowing what kinds of photos sell... and how to take photos that are technically perfect.

And that just comes down to practice.

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