How to find your stock photo style

What’s your style?

Every successful stock photographer has one. Just take a look through the portfolios of stock photographers Lise Gagne, Shelly Perry, Andrea Gingerich, Danny Warren, and others...

You’ll see that they each have a subject matter that they shoot most.

For example, Shelly does a lot of natural light photos of people. Lise photographs people in her studio. Danny does a lot of outdoors and adventure shoots, and Andrea does a lot of macro photos of plants and nature.

But what you’ll see in their portfolios goes beyond subject matter. They each also have a distinct style.

Here’s a fun way to figure out what kind of style you’re drawn to...

Get out a bunch of magazines that you don’t mind tearing apart.

Now, flip through them quickly and whenever you see a photo that really strikes you -- one that you’re drawn to for whatever reason -- pull it out and set it aside.

Next, go through the photos that you pulled out and see if there are any similarities. Are they bright and colorful, or dark and moody? Do they always feature food? Are they more people photos, nature photos, or some other kind of photos?

Whatever you find that you’re most drawn to... make a date on the calendar next week to try shooting that thing.

Try it out -- you may find that you’re on to something!

-- Bonnie

Bonnie Caton
Great Escape Publishing
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