3 responses to “How to Focus Better with Your Camera: Day 1, Photo Expedition in Bali, Indonesia”

  1. Dania

    I loved the photos of the monkeys. I need to look back at my slides (yes, that was the high standard in those days) from years ago- monkeys, wales, birds etc., and start moving some of them (I have thousands of slides and photos) to the computer and to the 21st century :)

  2. Steve

    hello there at AWAI thank you for the informative articles I have read. I enjoyed the video featuring your Rich in Ubud succinct with humour. Merry Christmas to you all, Steve

  3. John Kamau Gichuru

    I am a photographer though I have not achieved much in the venture as I have always wished. Cash is a challenge because of the many life commitments. I already have a collection of photos I have no idea how to turn into money. I have been reading from The right Way to Travel and been really impressed. Currently I only have a digital camera and I rely on commercial studios to print photos for my few clients. The returns are very minimal. I also would wish to have a computer of my own because it is tricky using hired computer because of the price of doing so. Getting to know how to turn photography into money will be a joy though the greatest drawback is money. Otherwise your article is very inspiring and very encouraging. I expect to continue receiving your letters.

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