How to Look Thinner in Photos: Use Colors

Warm colors, like yellow, orange, and red, project forward… and cool colors, like purple, blue, and dark green, recede in photographs.

So, the combination of a warm color and a cool color creates depth.

What does this mean?

Well, for starters, it means that if you’re trying to appear thinner, you should lean toward wearing cooler colors in your photos.

And if you're a little top- or bottom-heavy, you can use this color trick to create the illusion that you're equally proportioned.

For example, if you’re heavier on the bottom than on top, you can wear a darker color on the bottom, and a lighter color on top, or vice-versa.

Here’s an example in which the woman is a little top-heavy, so she’s wearing a darker color up top, and it flatters her figure well.

How to Look Thinner in Photos

Notice, also, that she’s wearing a V-neck shirt, which elongates the neck, and her body is positioned at an angle to the camera, which is a very slimming pose.

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