7 responses to “How to Pose and Photograph Newborns”

  1. Gayle Gahn

    These pictures make you want to run right out to find all of the newborns in town. How very precious! Yes, I would love to make photographs like these.

  2. Lisa G Unfried

    These babies are so cute and the pictures are beautiful.

  3. carole england snowden

    Beautiful photographs, wonderful baby and good photographer. x Carole x

  4. Carmen

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. i will have a newborn coming into our house shortly and I want to take photos from the lst day he is born, the hospital and at home. the tips are great! I am taking the Ultimate Travel Writer's Program and enjoying it and all the good advise will help me develop myself as a travel writer soon.

  5. Bea Amyotte

    Any babies makes beautiful photos, even the animals. Keep taking those beautiful baby photos.

  6. June

    I'm so glad that you pointed out that the last sibling image involved some Photoshop. Seeing baby perched on the stool with an unpredictable toddler nearby makes me nervous! It would be great to show the pre-Photoshopped image to emphasize the importance of safety. Unfortunately, many photographers may sacrifice common sense in their efforts to get "the shot", without realizing that Photoshop is usually involved.

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    I love this post. Thank you so much for posting useful suggestions on newborn photography. All the pictures show your talent towards your work.

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