How to Sell Fall Photographs to Every Market

When summer turns to fall, you may be tempted to curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a book (I know I am). But right now is the perfect time to add a little color and variety to your photo portfolio. So put on a sweater. Lace up your boots. And head out with your camera.

Here are a few things to shoot for different markets while you’re out and about...

For Magazines and Editorial

Magazines need iconic photos of well-known landmarks in the area that they cover.  But here's the catch: They need a new "twist" on the same photo each time they run it.  Autumn is the perfect time to take photos of the iconic places in your locale, with the leaves or other seasonal changes adding a "twist" to make them a bit different from an everyday shot.  Grab your camera and capture your surroundings with the look and feel of fall while it's still in the air.

For Stock

The stock photography world is always a few months ahead, since designers put together ad campaigns way before they’re scheduled to run.  So if you'd like to sell some photos in online stock agencies before the end of the year, think a few months ahead.  Some themes to photograph right now might be: Christmas decorations, giving, volunteering, family... even Valentine's Day.

For Fine Art

To sell fine art prints in your locale, think about things that make the people of your town proud to live there. Make a list of five or six picturesque places or things that define your area... then, go out and capture them through the lens of fall. Professional photographer Rich Wagner did this by taking a photo of the locally known tower on the hill... with a big pumpkin patch in the field below. He has since sold thousands of dollars of prints of that one photo.

For Yourself

Whatever you do, don't forget to just go out and shoot. Take your camera for a walk. Find something that catches your eye. Show the unique way that you and only you see the world. I promise -- you’ll walk back in the door feeling more awake and alive... and you’ll have some beautiful fall photos to show for it, too.

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