How to Set Up a Simple Photo Shoot in Your Home

Got windows?

Why not set up a simple photo shoot in your home using nothing but a window and a table... then sell the best photos in online stock photo agencies?

It’s fun! Let me show you...

Below are some “spring-themed” photos I took in my dining room this morning, based on the photos I found yesterday for inspiration (see those here).

Props: Ever since Valentine’s Day, my local grocery store has been full of flowers -- perfect for spring themes -- so I picked up some of those, along with jelly beans, and cut a piece of paper to look like a blank card.

Setup: Basically, I pulled my kitchen table in front of the window.

Then, using a few tricks I’ve learned from our stock photography instructors, I tried to compose the photos with stock in mind...

I tried to “work the shot,” taking as many different variations as I could.

With such a simple subject, it’s fun to try every angle and composition you can think of. In the end, I had a LOT of fun and came away with photos that I can sell as stock, too.

Thinking about Easter, I tried putting jelly beans into the scene...

... But it doesn’t work. As a viewer, I think “Why are there jelly beans with tulips?”

Besides, I can think of something much better to do with jelly beans -- a real creative twist! Can’t wait to show you what it is tomorrow...

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