How to Turn a Massage into Lucrative Stock Photographs

The steaming bath brimmed with hot, peppermint-scented water. After soaking in it for a good 20 minutes, Steve let the spa therapist paint his entire body with a warm layer of liquid chocolate. She then wrapped him up like a baby on a soft, warm cushion and gave him a mini-facial until it was time for his full-body massage.

All the while, his girlfriend Cassie was in the room, seeking out the best angles for her spa-themed stock photos (see a few below).

Bonnie here, again, writing to you from Cotacachi, Ecuador, where we're holding our Stock Photo Expedition with pro stock photographer Shelly Perry.

Over the last two days, we've been taking turns getting five-star spa treatments at a Relais and Chateaux spa here in Cotacachi. The place is gorgeous -- luscious gardens, calming music, tropical flowers…

And the spa treatments are to die for.

Really, Steve and Cassie are brilliant, because good spa shots can sell very well as stock. After Steve’s treatment ended, it was Cassie’s turn, and he took the photos.

What a fun idea to try, I thought -- Go to a spa with a friend or spouse and take turns getting massages and snapping photos. It’s both relaxing and fun. Plus, it could even make you some money if you submit the shots to stock sites.

Here are some of the photos Steve and Cassie took in the spa:

Lucrative Stock Photos

by Cassandra Ciampa

by Stephen Kitz

Next door in the pool room, attendees Kathleen and Nelda photographed each other playing and relaxing in the water. Here's one of Kathleen's shots from the pool:

by Kathleen Uhlmann

And even if you go to the spa alone, you can still find photo opportunities before and after your treatment. Here are a few shots I took in my treatment room -- I had “Cleopatra’s Bath” -- and in the pool area:

Stay tuned for your next stock photo tip, coming directly to your inbox from Cotacachi, Ecuador, tomorrow.

Hasta mañana,

-- Bonnie

Bonnie Caton
Editorial Manager, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. Stock opportunities are everywhere. Start taking your camera with you wherever you go and you’ll see them pop up… from the laundry room to the campsite to the coffee shop.

P.P.S. Yesterday, I asked what interests you most about stock photography. Watch for poll results and more great tips tomorrow.

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