5 responses to “How to Use a "Clip File" for Ideas and Photo Inspiration”

  1. Marilyn Dock

    Thanks for the tips Shelly. I am very interested in taking better pictures.

  2. Patricia McCormick

    Hi Shelly: I get emails every day it seems from you and read them all. I am now retired and have been traveling with my Nikon D80, taking pictures. I am learning every day. I spent last year in India and Nepal and loved it. I would really like to be able to sell photos and articles. I am presently in Phoenix and, if I am still here at the time, I will probably take the course you are offering here. Actually, I was living in Cotacachi when you had a class there, probably in 2008 or 2009. I so admire your style, your articles and your images. You are so inspiring and I hope that I meet you soon. Best regards, Patricia

    ps Meanwhile, I will start collecting images that inspire me. Thanks so much, Shelly.

  3. Omotoso Darlington

    The snapshots are picture perfect, a legendary tribute to the greatest Artist of all, God Almighty who has given us nature in all its numerous ineffable beauty. In fact, nature is the effect whose cause is GOD.Photography is certainly God's gift to man to capture, celebrate and preserve nature's kindness and aesthetics.I am glad you are one of those in the fore front of this noble duty.Congratulations on your most deserving award. let it spur you to the heights of creative productivity.It's not every day that one comes across a delirious dog.

  4. Edward Snelling

    I have always looked at photographs, and even collected many, in an effort to improve my own technique of making pictures. However, I also felt somewhat guilty, thinking that I was cheating somehow, because I was having to refer to other successful people's work. It wasn't that I was copying their efforts, rather, as Shelly points out, I was using photographs that gave me inspiration to be more creative on my own. It is a great relief to learn that even the pro's do what I've been doing --- finding inspiration from the success of others.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Edward Snelling

  5. Bobbie

    Shelly you are a neat and fun and very clever person ...you do have losts of interesting and helpful suggestions...you are going to make me into a photographer in spite of myself!
    Thanks for your inspirations

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