Have Your Image Tell a Story

Because December is a special time of year, we decided on a photo theme that we think is special, too. It's "The True Meaning of the Season," and we're looking to see how you can express that as a story in a single photograph.

What is the true meaning of the season? Well, that's up to you, really. You could capture the spirit of giving or family festivities or a moment of sharing or friendship or glee. It's up to you.

The trick is to have your image tell a story.

Thinking about your photo in that way -- as a story -- helps train your eye to capture special moments. For example, you might capture an image of somebody dropping a donation into the Salvation Army red can as Santa rings his bell… or maybe you get a shot of two lovers ice skating near a Christmas tree… or children trudging through fresh snow with their sled, holiday wreaths on the doors they pass… or a family lighting a menorah…

You're looking for a scene in a single frame -- something that evokes an emotion in your viewer and tells a little story about this holiday season.

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