If an Income Opportunity Knocks... Open the Door

“We are fortunate as stock photographers because income-producing opportunities knock every single day, and our cameras can open the door.” -- Stock photographer Jani Bryson


One of the best things about stock photography is that, no matter what you like to do -- travel, read, paint, play with your grandkids, sail, write -- you can use it to make an extra income.

And that income can take you around the world, or simply make you more financially secure as you transition into writing or photography.

Stock photographer Jani Bryson is completely self-taught. She was a real estate broker before she was a stock photographer. Today, she’s wildly successful… and she attributes much of it to shooting within her “circle of influence.”

Scroll down to see one of Jani’s biggest sellers… and find out how to use your own “circle of influence” to create high-selling images out of your everyday life…

-- Lori

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

September 28, 2010
The Right Way to Travel

By Jani Bryson in Kansas City, Missouri

One of the things I enjoy most about being a stock photographer is that I can turn everyday actions, even during leisure time, into income-producing activities.

For example, just last week, I went camping on land that was home to a fair amount of livestock. I had my camera with me (because I try to take it everywhere I go) and spent a few moments, in between campfires and hiking, photographing the animals. I’ve got a pretty good idea that those shots will be great sellers for me.

I returned home feeling doubly good about my trip: I spent some quality time camping with my family, recharging my energy and my attitude, and I will likely make more than enough money to pay for my trip with the stock photos I captured.

Several years ago, before I was a full-time stock photographer, I was asked to photograph a local summer camp for aspiring firefighters. I spent several days photographing the event, and got to know the participants pretty well. I asked some of them to sign model releases for me so that I could use some of the images in my stock portfolio.

Here is my best-selling photograph from that event:

Jani Bryson

This shot has appeared many times in industry publications and is even featured larger-than-life-sized in the lobby of the Sprint World Headquarters.

To date, it has earned me more than $500. And the model still calls me, all excited, when she catches the image in use. This is just one example of an everyday activity turned into income.

As stock photographers, income opportunities surround us every day. We all have unique opportunities within our centers of influence, and the key to success is recognizing what those are.

Consider what you do every day: shopping, walking in the park, even working at your “day job.”  Each of these activities presents opportunities for stock images.

Do you have connections who own small businesses? Are you a member of a club or organization? Consider all of the “ins” you may have within your center of influence. These are all prime candidates for stock images. Your best-selling images are likely waiting for you within the connections you already have.

A fellow stock photographer friend keeps her camera ready on the front seat of her car wherever she goes. To date, her successful stock portfolio includes images of road workers, traffic accidents, and extreme weather conditions.

We are fortunate as stock photographers because income-producing opportunities knock every single day, and our cameras can open the door.

About the Author: Jani Bryson is a professional freelance photographer and successful stock photographer from Kansas City. Her images (sold through her online stock photo agency) have appeared in publications worldwide, including Entertainment Weekly, Teen Vogue, Good Housekeeping, and CosmoGirl.com, as well as many regional and local publications, book covers, billboards, and television commercials.

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