Istanbul Stock Photo Shoot List

As I type this issue, the air above the Atlantic Ocean is deep, cobalt blue. That’s pretty much all I can see from my plane window.

Our Istanbul Expedition begins on Sunday and I’m SO excited to explore such an ancient, culture-rich city, camera-in-hand, with a group of fellow photo nuts.

BUT before the adventure begins, it’s time to nail down a stock photo shoot list.

Remember that when you’re taking stock photos during your travels, you want to look for images that are “iconic.” You want the viewer to see the image and immediately be able to identify the location.

With a little research on different stock agencies to see what kinds of Istanbul shots are selling, here’s the list I came up with:

  • Unique angle or knock-out night shot of Hagia Sophia & Blue Mosque
  • Wide angle bazaar shot
  • Crafts
  • Carpets
  • Spices
  • Night shot of the Bosphorous
  • Interior of a mosque (tripod depending)
  • Turkish coffee
  • Turkish delight
  • Kabobs (before devouring them)
  • Detail elements from Whirling Dervish show (that don't require model release)
  • Street food
  • Architectural details
  • Elements of ancient art
  • General street scenes and commotion
  • Interesting doors and walls
  • Cityscape by day
  • Cityscape by night
  • Details of “modern” Istanbul

Of course, other options include travel-related images:

  • Hospitality - hotel room, bed, pillows, towels, soaps...
  • Airport - luggage scale, conveyor belts, departures/arrivals boards, walkways...
  • Travel elements - luggage, notebook or map on tray table, earplugs & sleep mask…
  • Restaurant - place settings, silverware, plates of food...

I’ll be on the look-out for those items, too!

Will I stray from this list? YOU BET! I can’t wait to take people shots in the city. Those always turn out to be my favorite, even though I can’t use them for stock unless I upload them as editorial.

But it feels good to have pocket full of ideas to help me focus when we’re out on the street, in the commotion of the bazaars or on a boat soaking in the sights on the Bosporus!

I’ll send along some photos after the expedition is under way.

In the meantime... got anything to add to my list? Or have your own shoot list for a future trip? Share on the Breakfast StockClub Facebook Page!

From Theresa St John: Catering photo shoot tomorrow for restaurant in town. :o). cannot wait, Got sooooooooooo many stock photos last time there, looking for more stock-worthy ones this time,too. Loving the jobs that pay. Gotta keep dreaming big,right? Have a great day!

From Luc Brousseau: What is the big difference between editorial and commercial stock (other than having logos or brand names..)? I mean, does it pay the same or is it less in demand?

Good question, Luc!  See these articles in our archives:

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