July’s Photo Challenge Theme: We, the People

"We, the People," of the United States of America, are gathering around picnic tables from coast to coast, dishing up potato salad and stoking up the grill.

It's our time to celebrate our independence.

But "We, the People" isn't just about independence as Americans.  It's about unity as a people.

And for this month's Photo Challenge theme, it's about all people, everywhere… kids and grandmas, brothers and sisters, spouses and friends.  Even the people in line with you at the grocery store, on the bus, and next to you at the baseball game.

"We the People" can include pictures of people being patriotic, or simply people being themselves in everyday life here in America or across the globe.

The only requirement for photos entered in this month's theme is people.  Whether you take a portrait photo in a home studio or a candid shot on the street, the subject of your photo must be a person.

Photos will be judged based on composition, exposure, and creativity.

Submissions for July's Photo Challenge are due by 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, July 28.  You can submit your photos by clicking on the "Enter to Win" tab on our website: http://www.thephotographerslife.com .

Look for a list of June winners in next week's Photo Tip.

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