Last Chance to Vote for 2010's Grand Prize Winner!

Today is the last day to vote for this year’s $2,000 Grand Prize Photo Challenge winner.  We received a lot of really good entries this year.  But only one can win the Grand Prize and bragging rights for this year’s Photo of the Year.

To view all the eligible entries in our Hall of Fame and vote for your favorite, go here.

I’m including below a list of some of our staff picks…


Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

November 11, 2010

The Right Way to Travel, Monthly Photo Challenge



STAFF PICK #1: By Lori Allen, Director, Great Escape Publishing
God’s Green Garden – mm767cap

Photo Challenge Winner
“I’m drawn to this photo because it seems so peaceful and quiet.  With a 14-month old running around the house, a cell phone that constantly rings and a husband who likes loud music, this photo sings to me.”

STAFF PICK #2: By Bonnie Caton, Editorial Manager and Breakfast Stock Club Creator, Great Escape Publishing

Mountain Magic – butterfly12

“I love this photo. As a blooming photographer, when I look at it I think… ‘How did the photographer find this location?’ The combination of the soft blue light and the perfectly outlined silhouette is so captivating and mysterious to me – as though I’m looking at a page in a children’s fairytale book.”

STAFF PICK #3: By Jackie Gray, Marketing Manager, Great Escape Publishing
Afternoon delight - amancuso

“I’m drawn to this photo for both artistic and sentimental reasons.  While sunset shots tend to be overdone, this one stands out because the photographer incorporated the surfer in it.   I just love his dark silhouette against the creamy sky and misty waves.  Also, because I grew up at the beach, this photo brings back happy memories of watching my older brother surf before dinner in the summer.”

STAFF PIC #4: By Christina Merchant, Product Manager, Great Escape Publishing
Fire Island Lighthouse – profjjw

"I grew up in D.C but my family and I spent every summer I can remember on the water.  I love the reflection of the lighthouse. I also like the leading lines of the bridge that send the viewer straight to the subject of the photo."

STAFF PICK #5: By Audrey Hartland, Marketing Assistant, Great Escape Publishing
The Wedding party departs – Katie-Lee

“This picture makes me feel like I’m traveling back in time. In school I studied politics and history, so the composition and color scheme of this photo transported me back to a different era and make me yearn to know more.”

Tonight’s your last chance to vote for YOUR favorite photo for this year’s $2,000 Grand Prize.

We’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

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