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  1. luis

    That looks so cooool!! Thanks, ill try that!!

  2. tony whibley

    I used this "Trick" in 1976 when I was shooting fashion in Canada and the client asked me to make a Neon tube that would duplicate the shape of the model
    I created a black set with a black background paper,used pro flash to make the main exposure . with the shutter on "time"
    When the flash had fired, the model,in the dark,remained stationary,and my assistant simply stood behind her with an ordinary flashlight pointing at the camera and whizzed the torch around her body.
    Then I closed ther shutter and did it all again with a new (negative)
    The client,who was a new,broke,designer loved the shots and also the additional cost "NIL"

  3. Ingrid

    I loved how your pictures turned out.. must try one day.. Ingrid

  4. Donald Winters

    Yea Bonnie thoughs are some neet tricks,as Im mostly into nature,and commerical
    photography,as I see it one can never stop learning,I just came back into the world
    of photography as before it was all film The SLR is new world for me and I look at
    it as such.I have Nikon D-3100 looking to get the Nikon D-5100,this is something
    I really love to do

  5. Linda Camilletti

    I used the trick where you move the zoom lens as you release the shutter. It took some time to get the hang of it but when I did they came out amazing. I have them on my Smugmug site and sent away for some to frame and they just came today and they are absolutely wonderful. I bought frames for two that are similar so I can make a set. Thank you so much for these great ideas. Keep them coming. If you want to check them out here is my site. http://www.mimisphotos.smugmug.com Linda Camilletti

  6. Cool Photography Tricks | Picture Perfect HQ

    [...] Next, point your camera at something bright like an interesting lamp (in this case, with a ribbed glass cover that ended up making fun patterns). Then, while your shutter is open, grab hold of your camera (tightly!) and shake!…More at Light Writing: Cool Camera Tricks You Can Try at Home [...]

  7. Robert Briggs

    Great Photos Linda!
    I enjoyed the tour of Denver via your photo.
    Robert Briggs N Tennessee

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