2 responses to “Making Money as a Pet Photographer”

  1. AD

    Thanks for the tips and great ideas....Wish I could join you, but live half a world away....Maybe one day.......

    All best

  2. JennieD

    I've taken photos of different dogs at a local dog park, when I tagged along with my daughter when she took her 2 dogs. I wanted to break in my new Canon 60D DSLR and new Tamron 18-270mm telephoto lens that I had just bought. The photos came out nice and clear. Some photos showed a dog in action after retrieving a ball, while another photo showed a dog laying near a fence. I know that with most animal photos, the eye of the animal should be clear and bright. I was pretty happy with my results. The faces of the 2 dogs mentioned were not facing the camera, but shot at a sideways profile. I don't have a website yet, something I'm still working on. :)

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