Man vs. New Camera

Prices on sophisticated cameras are much lower than they used to be.

As a result, people – especially people looking forward to taking photos on an upcoming vacation or at a special event – tend to buy much more complicated equipment than they're used to.

If this is you... if you bought "more camera” than you can handle... if you're intimidated by all the bells and whistles that got you excited about your camera in the first place... if you know how to use your camera but your pictures still aren't turning out the way you'd like...

Here’s what I suggest…

1. Do something – anything – to start the learning process.

Thanks to digital photography (and the instant feedback you get on the back of your screen), you can learn in one week what it used to take photographers years of trial and error to figure out.

That said, you can't just pull your camera out of the box and expect a perfect photo on the first try. But, hey... setting up a Facebook account wasn't the easiest thing to do, right?  Neither was programming your DVD player.  But you did it. And you'll master this camera, too. So give yourself a break.

2. Don’t go it alone.

Paging through a camera manual is no fun.  Shooting with other people, however, is. You should see how much the photos improve on our photo expeditions from the first day to the last. The more fun it is, the faster you'll learn and the more you'll want to practice.  So sign up for a class or a workshop.  It can be one of ours or one in your own hometown.

3. Set it and forget it. 

Consider putting your camera in "program” mode and leaving it there.  Composition and good lighting are the most important elements of any photograph.  A technically perfect photo that isn't interesting to look at is useless.  Work on composition and lighting first. Then, when you feel that you have mastered those things, start to play with your camera's bells and whistles.

Check out a few photos from our last photography expedition in Abu Dhabi – the kinds of photos you can take when you’re having fun – and learn where you can sell them, here.

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