May Winners: All Things Edible

I found no shortage of good photos entered in last month's challenge, the theme of which was "All Things Edible."

In part, I suppose, it was because everyone had easy access to the subject matter -- after all, we all eat.

But beyond that, I feel as if the caliber of the photos we receive each month has steadily improved. Here, faced with a relatively accessible theme, entrants were really forced to rely on photographic technique to distinguish their photos. And they did.

The results are impressive. Just see for yourself…


As always, last month's first-place winner chooses this month's first-place winner. Our guest judge was Connie Lanyon-Roberts, who said she chose this image because…

"The photo undoubtedly conveys the theme 'All Things Edible,' with this lovely presentation of a steak-and-lobster feast.  It is so inviting I feel like I am sitting there with my knife and fork in hand, waiting impatiently for the photographer to finish so I can start eating.

"Also adding to the mouthwatering meal is the beautiful ocean view in the background. Technically, the focus and composition are excellent.  The colors are bright and delightful and the lighting certainly enhances the cuisine. This is a great shot."

I couldn't agree more. This shot is strong in so many ways -- from the warm and soft evening light, which really enhance the mood and feel, to the subject placement (think rule of thirds here) and the great use of shallow depth of field. Beautiful.


I loved this shot from the moment I saw it. It made me laugh -- and it's tactile in a way that I can almost feel the gooeyness. I am amazed and impressed that the photographer had the wherewithal to think about taking a photo -- and a really good photo at that!

This is the kind of shot cards are made of or ad campaigns are built around. The lighting is good, the composition is good, and the subject is excellent! Bravo.


This shot has such great texture and sense of place. The people are fairly small, which helps provide  a sense of perspective, a sense of scale, and a sense for the grandness of the setting.

I also like the circle area, which not only draws my eye deeper into the shot, but also around its edge to all the people. I like this shot for contrast -- black and white is a great choice.

If there were one thing I might have done differently with it, it would have been to angle ever-so-slightly to include all of the front person on the bottom left, the one sitting alone. Then she would be the dominant subject and the image would have a more dynamic story to tell. Nevertheless, excellent shot.

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who submitted photos last month. Keep up the great work!


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