3 responses to “Member Photos: How To Shoot The Right Themes For Stock Photography Sites”

  1. harvey hagins

    Hi Bonnie, I just joined the other day and I'm excited to get started. I wish to become a member of Breakfast Stock Club, I can't do it today, which is the last day to join at a discount. I'm a disable Veteran on a fixed income(once a month), please can you extend the deadline one week so that I may join. Thank you so much.

  2. Todd Nelson

    Hi Bonnie, I get the AWAI newsletters etc., I lived on Maui and traveled around the Indo-Pacific for years and didn't take many photo's this was early 80s I came back to Santa Barbara,CA to care for ailing parents and I'm still here. I love tropical type photos, I got a little point and click digital camera and I take local shots all the time. I was in the home building biz and was injured on the job back in 2000. I am semi-retired now, I can't image making a living doing something now I really like. Hmmm..I'm on a tight budget..should I try sending my pic's to a stock photography site to see what developes I only have the tips I've read from the AWAI articles. Thanks..Todd Nelson

  3. Vivienne Mackie

    Thanks so much for sharing these pics and all the wonderful tips!!

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