Models, Fear, and Levitation

It’s time to do something scary -- eek!

As I mentioned in last week’s note, my goal for 2014 is to make 10k with photography in my spare time. Of course, I want to have fun while I’m at it, too.

Some of that income (and fun) will come from headshots, which means I need to:

  • Get over my fear of photographing strangers...
  • Build confidence in my skills...
  • And add new photos to my portfolio.

Getting to your goals is all about action. Even when it’s scary. Even when you don’t feel ready.

So tomorrow I have a photo shoot with a model I’ve never met. I’m a little nervous, so I’m going to fall back on something I know how to do: Levitation.

Here’s a photo I took of myself “levitating” back in 2012:

When I took this photo, it was the best I could do. Now I feel like my skills -- in photography, not levitation -- have grown and I’m excited to try it again with a model, so I don’t have to go running back and forth the whole time.

I’ll let you know how it goes in the next issue and share some tips on working with models, too!

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-- Bonnie

Bonnie Caton
Creator, Breakfast Stock Club

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