My #1 stock photography rule: shoot what you love

Yesterday I told you about my plan to make 2014 my best year yet... and how I’m going to take you with me.

A big part of that will be stock photography. And to me, the number one rule in taking photos for stock sites -- and being successful with it -- is this:

Stock photo sites want images that are technically “perfect.” You want to take your time and make sure your photos are properly exposed, in-focus, and look just right.

If you’re trying to photograph something you find boring... it’s just not going to work.

So pick something you love.

For me, that thing is Chocolate. I also happen to love roses and sparkles. So this whole Valentine theme works out well.

You might love horses... or travel... or Italian food.

Whatever it is you love to photograph, to be successful with stock photography, at some point you’ve got to stop thinking about doing it and actually... do it.

By the way, I just found out that all of my Valentine images were accepted into my stock agencies, including two that are a little “unconventional.”

I’ll share those with you tomorrow…

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