My Assignment: Morocco (Video)

Staff writer Bonnie Caton here.

Lori sent me to Morocco this past week to put all the details together for our photo expedition there coming up March 14-18. (Video below)

My assignment? Find a nice hotel. Schedule a reliable airport transfer so that our attendees feel safe arriving alone at the airport and getting to the hotel. Photograph the markets and squares to help determine where the best photo shoots might be. And find two activities that would differentiate our expedition from any other organized tour you can find online.


Of course, our photo expeditions are already different, in that they not only teach you how to take good photos, but how to sell them, too. But I found everything I was looking for AND two “extra special somethings” -- activities you can't find in a guidebook or on cookie-cutter bus tour.

Here's what I found:

** 1. Meet the Berbers

You can take guided tours up into the Atlas Mountains to meet the indigenous Berbers and tour their villages. But I found a contact who can take us up into the mountains where we’ll meet a real Berber family that isn’t paid to take in hordes of tourists every day. They’ll teach us about their culture, invite us into their home, and also teach us how to cook a traditional couscous dish.

In March, there’s still snow on the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, so we’ll get great views from the village, maybe a story or two we can write about (if you’re into travel writing), a nice lunch that we’ll know how to cook again when we return home, and some amazing photo ops, too.

** 2. Dinner in the Carpet Auction

Patrick, the owner of our hotel (or Dar which means guesthouse) in Marrakech, is a great carpet aficionado. He’s had his Dar in Marrakech for the last 10 years, and collected over 80 rugs, so it’s not surprising that he’s made good friends with the best rug seller in town. What Patrick loves about him, he told me, is that for him, it’s about the art of the rugs. Not the money.
But since Patrick and the owner are such good friends, I was able to arrange something with the two of them that’s even better than your traditional rug-shop experience. Patrick helped me make plans for us to visit the auction after hours. We can look to buy or just look to look. Either way, when we’re done “shopping” and hearing all about how these rugs are made, we’ll roll out the carpets, and have dinner there in the traditional Moroccan style.

And these are just two things that are going to make this workshop special. I created a little video that includes some of the photos I got and gives a little taste of the experience you'll have.

Here's a video I created that includes some of the photos I got and gives a little taste of the experience you'll have:

When you arrive in Marrakech you'll be picked up at the airport and then greeted with a traditional Moroccan tea service before you’re whisked away to your room. I really loved my trip there. And I can’t imagine staying at another Dar. Our rooms were gorgeous -- Patrick is a designer at heart -- and the whole place is a warm, calm sanctuary from the outside. You’ll feel like you’re in another world.

Hope to see you there!

-- Bonnie

Bonnie Caton
Great Escape Publishing

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