Night Photography Tips: Video

Bonnie, here. I’m writing to you from Paris, where we’re finishing up our Stock Photo Expedition with professional photographer Shelly Perry (the first few days were in a chateau in Normandy). Lori and Shelly are busy leading the group on a photo shoot through the city, so I thought I’d share some night photography tips we learned at the chateau.

Night photography is one of the easiest ways to take stunning photos of buildings, landmarks, and nature. There are, however, a few night photography tips and tricks to making your shots look professional.

The first one: A great way to make your night shots more impressive when you’re photographing a building or a house is to turn all the lights on inside the building, to get a nice, warm glow from the windows.

Here’s another: Wait until just before sunset and start shooting. Continue all the way through a few minutes after dark to capture a nice deep blue sky.

We got great results at the chateau and we had a lot of fun, too. Since you couldn’t be there, I made a video for you during the shoot with a few more night photography tips on how to set your camera. It also shows a few of the photos we got out of it. You can watch it here:

-- Bonnie

Bonnie Caton
Great Escape Publishing

P.S. Small group photo expeditions like this one are by far the fastest way to learn how to take better photos. You get more time with the photographer, you’re in beautiful locations with great opportunities for shots, and you eat, sleep, and breathe photography.  That is, when you’re not pausing to eat amazing FOOD in places like Rome, Paris, and Thailand.

P.P.S. Have you ever tried “ghosting?” We experimented with that photo technique at the chateau, too. It makes a “ghost” appear in your photos when you’re using a long exposure and a tripod. Find out how to do that in this article from our archives:

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