The Photos for Profit “Full Monty”
Package How to Turn Simple Photos into Cash – Fast

Can You Take a Simple Photograph?

If yes, you could make $200 – $2,000 a week
taking photographs in your own backyard…
on your family vacations… or anywhere
in the world you care to travel…

Just like these people:

When David Morgan traveled to Asia, he did something vacationers always do on their trips – he took pictures of the native people, monuments, and scenery. But he didn’t stop there. He used a secret (the same one you’ll discover in this letter) to earn more than $6,000 for those shots.

He’s not alone…

Tim O’Rielly loves taking pictures of his home city San Diego. He used this very same secret to make $2,000 for just 10 shots. And later, he used this secret to travel to Kauai, a Hawaiian Island renowned for its enchanting beauty, cascading emerald mountains, flower-bedecked streams and swaying, palm-fringed shores. There, he stayed for a week, all expenses paid.

Of course, you don’t even have to stray far from home to pursue the photographer’s life. Rich Wagner has made over $20,000 from this single photograph he took of a pumpkin patch just an hour from his home in Connecticut… and it's still selling.

These people aren’t doing anything you can’t learn to do. You don’t need fancy equipment. And you don’t need to know a thing about photography to get started.

Just think if you could walk into your backyard, kneel down, and snap a photo of a vegetable in your garden… or capture a shot of your child digging in the sandbox… and then get paid $25… $50… even $150 or more for each one…

Or imagine if, every time you went on vacation with your camera in tow, you could turn those pictures you snap into $150… $400… or even $500 each…

The good news is: You can.

David Morgan was no hot-shot photographer when he traveled across Asia for six months. He was just a backpacker looking to see the world.

He took a week-long, four-wheel-drive journey across Tibet. He went trout fishing in a pristine mountain stream in Bumburet, a hidden valley in the Hindu Kush. And otherwise enjoyed his trip just as any backpacker would. But when he returned home, he sold his collection of photos for $6,000.

You can easily do what David did… because his success isn't due to any amazing talent.

He just happened upon one of the best-kept secrets in the business.

It’s easy. It’s fun. And you can master it even if you have little to no photography experience and only use a simple point-and-shoot camera.

This simple photo has already earned fellow
member Coleen Bessel upwards of $750…

A simple pet photo earned reader Amy Muschik over $1,000

Shelly Perry’s photo has sold over 700 times.

With The “Full Monty” Package (Value: $786),
You Can Create Salable Photos in Just One Week

Member, Elizabeth Chute, writes: “I purchased my camera (a very simple Sony Cyber-shot) as well as the Turn Your Pictures into Cash program, when I was at a very low point in my life -- with money that I couldn’t afford to spend. I was recuperating from a very severe accident. Friends and family ‘humored’ me, but thought I was wasting my time. After all, I could barely move around my living room. What was there to take pictures of?”

“And then, in the Turn Your Pictures into Cash program, I saw a picture of a cup of coffee. That simple picture changed my life. My kitchen had cups -- and coffee. So I set up some shots… ”

Turn Your Pictures into Cash was an exceptional guide… within the first couple of weeks I already had a photo on the front page of my regional newspaper.”

“Since then I have gone on to have photos published in the New York Times, National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees, and National Geographic Kids with reprints in Africa, Germany and the Balkans… and just lately Pearson Education has used a photo in two of their texts, and another image of mine has been chosen for a book cover in the Netherlands.”

“For people who are starting out, I would say, ‘Don’t ever let anyone take your dream.’ You might not do things the way others have, but as long as you follow what’s in your heart, your course is right for you.”

New 4th Edition!You’ll Gain…

We’re calling this the Photos for Profit “Full Monty” Package because it’s a fun, quick and easy way to turn your photos into cash this year and beyond. It’s got everything you need.

And this week only, you won’t pay anywhere near its $786 value. You’ll pay just $45 to start and if the program doesn’t work for you, you can return it. Keep reading because it gets even better…

Enjoy Freedom, Prestige and Luxury…
as You Travel the World Snapping Photos of Romantic,
Exotic People and Locales. And Then Get PAID for It!

couple photo
This photo has sold more than 300 times at an online stock photo agency. Photo by Shelly Perry.

Imagine traveling to Tahiti for a vacation, but treating it like a self-assignment. You shoot plenty of pictures that you can sell when you return home.

Or imagine finding yourself in the Bahamas where most of your accommodations are paid for… plus touring a local zoo and swimming with dolphins on a nearby island, all for free.

Or how about whisking your spouse away on a romantic, three-day Valentine's weekend to Vancouver Island at someone else's expense…

You cruise the Gulf Islands with complimentary refreshments and full buffet meals, photographing picturesque island escapes. You waltz alongside the carillon… sample fine wines and decadent chocolates… and then, get paid to tell people about your experience!

Each of these exotic trips are examples of trips taken by photographers I know.

And two of them are brand new to photography. Yet, that’s not stopping them from enjoying the perks and freedom this lifestyle offers. It’s what you can expect too – and for doing something you probably already do anyway. After all, surely you pack your camera when you travel…

Follow our lead, and you could find yourself on the “invitation list” at some of the world’s best resorts, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, eco-retreats, and weekend hideaways, getting all kinds of offers of hospitality… invitations for overnight stays… dinner on the house and more… all compliments of the owners.

When you’re armed with the insider advice in the Photos for Profit “Full Monty” Package, this lifestyle is closer than you think. And, perhaps the best part is, you don’t even have to leave home to get started. Your hometown is a goldmine of photographic opportunity.

The World–and Your Hometown–is Jam-Packed
with Opportunities to Profit from Your Photographs

Photo opportunities exist everywhere. On the roadside… in the office… while talking with friends… in your backyard… at restaurants… a nearby zoo… special events… festivals… sporting events… and more…

Just take a look around you – at magazines, websites, newspapers, books, trade journals, brochures, and almost any published material. Look at the cover and flip through the pages. What do you see? Photographs.

Someone has to take those pictures. Why not you?

The photos in this magazine spread were shot just 15 minutes from the photographer’s home in Colorado Springs, CO. Prior to this shoot, the photographer had never before sold a picture…

And the pumpkin patch photo I showed you earlier that’s earned Rich Wagner more than $20,000 in sales was taken within an hour of his home, too…

Certainly, you’ve seen prettier pictures. Perhaps photos you’ve purchased in the past to hang on your walls. Yet each of these has earned their photographer a pretty penny. And they didn’t have to go far to get them.

It’s all about knowing how to take the kinds of photos that sell best and where to sell them when you have them.

In fact, that’s why I’m writing to you today. It’s not about being the best photographer on the planet. It’s about knowing which magazines, newspapers, websites, stock agencies, businesses, and individuals need your photos and how to approach them. People who have come to understand these best-kept secrets have seen quick results.

Fireworks. Waterfalls. Sports. Pets. People. Rain. Fire. Birthday Parties.

When John Cumbow took a simple snap of the ‘Rest and Relax’ sign during a layover at the airport, he never expected it to turn up on the Huffington Post, several other travel sites, a couple of yoga websites, and the website for a career coach. “Not bad for a photo I shot while wandering around the airport during a prolonged layover.” In Turn Your Pictures into Cash you’ll learn how to sell simple photos you can capture in your everyday life.

You’ll also learn how to take breathtaking black and white photographs… express your creative side with fine art photography… make big money with corporate pictures… and more. Plus, you’ll learn fool-proof tips and techniques for shooting beach scenes, snow scenes, landscapes, deserts, people, pets, architecture, rain, waterfalls, fireworks, birthday parties, a city’s nightlife and almost every kind of photograph there is.

“I just got 450 euros ($562) for a 1,400 word piece on Edinburgh PLUS another 300 euros ($375) for the six photos I sent in with it. Not a bad haul for an amateur snapper.” – Steenie Harvey, Freelance Travel Writer

Katherine Pendill sold one picture she took while she was in Paris, as well as two more from her trips to Italy and New England. So far she’s earned $450 for her photographs.

Terry Alberts wrote to say, “Lori, this was easier than I thought. I just submitted 12 of my D.C. pictures to an online stock agency and five were accepted. Four of them were ones I took during your workshop, and the fifth was one I took that very next weekend.”

And, stories like these continue to roll in.

In fact, if you follow the same program our members have used, you too, will soon have a story to share with me. And, I look forward to hearing it.

Here are a few more recent successes…

“I never thought I’d be a photographer”

“I never thought I'd be a photographer. I was actually more interested in writing than I was photography” said fellow member-turned-photographer, Wayne Hoover… But he took one of our photography programs, and continues his note to say – “On my last assignment alone I made $1,500 from a series of photos. I have created an income stream that I can do for years on end, and allows my creativity to flow.”

“You can do this. If I can do it, you can do it!” Wayne recently captured this photo at the track, and sold it along with two others as a set for a cool $1,500.

Judy Dubois was paid $350 for an article and four photos about a fourth generation family restaurant in southeastern Ohio.

Steve Collender got into stock photography when he lost his job at the airlines after 9/11. He started taking pictures and submitting them to different agencies for income. “If I earn enough to pay the electric bill,” he thought, “I’d be happy with that.” But soon his photo royalties paid not just the electric bill but also the phone and gas bill. Then they were enough to pay the car payment and eventually the mortgage. Today he’s back to work full-time with the airlines and the income he continues to earn from his stock photographs are funding his retirement.

Kim Bechthold likes the ease of uploading her photos to an online stock agency too. She was an investment banker looking for something more fun and creative to do in her retirement so she started taking pictures and uploading them for sale on stock sites.

She made $993 from her stock photo sales in her first year. And since the agency manages the sales while Kim is out doing other things, she and her husband have moved to Costa Rica. They’re busy opening a miniature golf course and her photos keep selling online. She doesn’t have to touch them again. The agency handles all the marketing for her while she plays golf and enjoys her retirement.

Tim O’Rielly, a freelance photographer from San Diego, is good at finding out what book publishers, newspapers, and magazines need – and he’s paid well as a result.

He says, “The book market is very good. I was paid a one-time single-usage fee for each photo. For example, they wanted around 10 photos for their book and I was paid around $2,000.

Tim went on to say, “Newspapers typically pay according to the size of an image and its location within the paper – from $100 to $500 per image. Magazines pay for the article and the images that accompany it – from $200 to $500. For the Vegan Fusion work, I was sent to Kauai for a week… all-expenses-paid – and took photographs for the publication.

Denver-based photographer Efraín Padró earned
$700--$800 for this photo essay!

Then, he resold it for additional cash!

Here’s Efraín’s article/photo package as it appeared in Photographic Magazine.

He told us, “Photographic [Magazine] paid by the page which worked out between $700 and $800 for the piece. Lighthouse Digest paid less, but they agreed to include a small blurb in the magazine’s table of contents about my business, Padró Images.”

And you can learn to do this, too. That’s where our program comes in…

Turn Your Pictures into Cash: A Comprehensive Program in Taking and Selling Amazing Photographs. You don’t need years of experience and you don’t need high-tech equipment to start making money as a photographer… at least, not when you have this useful program by your side.

Get Started Here Today!

Up until recently, photography might have seemed a “complicated profession.” Or, a profession reserved only for those who had the most rigorous training, the best equipment, and the most artistic eye.

It’s simply not true. In Turn Your Pictures into Cash, we have simplified the process so you can start taking saleable photographs within days, even if you only have a simple point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone.

If you’re at all interested in learning how to supplement your income, get your travel funded, and take truly breathtaking photographs that sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, Turn Your Pictures into Cash along with our Photos for Profit “Full Monty” Package is hands down the best place to start your new, lucrative hobby…

… even if all you can do today is turn your camera on and set it to "automatic."

Start Using These Tricks of the Trade –
and Work Your Way Up to “Pro” Status,
While You Publish and Sell Your “Practice” Shots!

Royalties and fine art sales for this simple photo already total a handy $600 for fellow
member-turned-photographer, Theresa St. John.

“Fruit sells well for me. I have an old wood porch and it makes a great backdrop for any food images I want to take. I find this image on menus and personal blogs. I have also sold this in a few restaurants, for their wall decorations. It has earned nearly $600, not bad for one shot!” – Theresa St. John

Our Photos for Profit “Full Monty” Package means you’ll get results fast. We’ve pulled together the resources you need to create simple, saleable photos within days, and we’ll make sure you get them upfront, on day 1.

Inside you’ll discover…

Smart Money Strategies

Tricks that Instantly Set You Apart… and Mark You as Pro


And much, much more… all gleaned from a cadre of successful, globe-trotting photographers.

Most professional photographers wouldn’t dream of giving up their secrets. As David M. says, these are…

“simple secrets the best photographers use but never share”

This program contains all of the secrets, tips, techniques, and strategies you need to take profitable photographs and turn pro. Including where to find PAYING clients right now… and how to know what they need from you.

Love never grows old. This photo has sold at least four times
as of this writing and has earned the photographer sales of over $2,000.

Double… or Even Triple Your Photo Income

One way to bump up your chances of getting your photos published is to offer an editor not just photos—but a story to go with them. This is called an article-photo package, and it can help you double, and sometimes triple your income all in one go. Can’t write? Don’t worry! You don’t need to be Hemingway to get this right. You simply need to know a handful of basics and a few insider tricks, which we’ve laid out for you in The Photographer’s Shortcut to Travel Writing Success: Go From Beginner to Professional… Fast. Inside, you’ll see how to turn a blank page into a saleable article in no time, and it comes as a FREE BONUS with the Turn Your Photos into Cash program today.

These amateur snappers are using the “article-photo package” to make their pictures pay even better!

Worried About Competition? Don’t Be!

More of What
Members Are Saying…

I appreciate the practical tools rather than simply theory. — Olga P., Jacksonville, VT

If you’re serious about photography at all, REGARDLESS of experience with a camera, you don’t want to miss these ‘Getting to Know Your Camera’ sessions. The tips and suggestions from these professional photographers are invaluable. — Gary W., Texas

More than 16,000 photos get published EACH DAY in the U.S. print media. And, more than 40,000 photos get published daily worldwide.

The opportunity is HUGE!

What’s more, as exciting as all of that sounds, there are EVEN MORE opportunities for you to sell your photos beyond print, magazine and newspaper photography.

All kinds of fun photo markets exist. You can find success with online stock agencies, fine art prints, portraits, greeting cards, posters and puzzles, sports, weddings, and pet photography (to name a few).

And, while you don't have to be a professional to capture saleable images, knowing a few secrets can give you an edge in selling them to different markets.

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Fun Adventure Earns Him $100 for Two Photos!

Ray Batson took our program and earned $100 for two photos published in International Living magazine. He also got paid for his story!

Here’s how his story and photos from a trip to Antarctica appeared in an issue of International Living magazine:

Ray’s getting published there again! Ray returned from a safari trip in Africa with his wife. They took lots of photos and sold them with an article about their trip to International Living.

You too, will gain the insider know-how on how to put together a saleable article/photo package – so you earn more, in one go!

Stock photo agencies are constantly on the lookout for new talent.

Gallery owners, too, are always on the lookout for new artists (yes, photography is an art form) to fill their walls with saleable pictures.

In the past few years, the web has become a market of its own — one which even the more modest digital point-and-shoot cameras can take ample advantage of.

There’s a whole new world of opportunity out there waiting for you.

That means there are plenty of opportunities for you to sell your photos… once you know how to fill a client’s needs and take saleable photos… which is exactly what you’ll learn in Turn Your Pictures into Cash!

Make a Sale –
or Your Money Back!

And here’s something else…

As with all our programs, you’re not just buying online access to a bunch of files and given a wave good-bye as you work on your own to figure everything out.

We’re here for you.

And as the trends and technology change in the years to come, you’ll get real-time updates to your Turn Your Pictures into Cash Program, too, free of charge. It’s our job to stay on top of what’s working and make sure you always have the most up-to-date information so you can focus on taking photos and earning paychecks. With each new edition of Turn Your Pictures into Cash we publish in the future… your program will automatically be upgraded—FREE!

You’ll also hear from us regularly through our online newsletter, The Right Way to Travel, where we share stories of success from your fellow members. What’s working for them could work well for you.

In addition, with this new Photos for Profit “Full Monty” Package, you should land your first sale and gain confidence in record time.

For just $45 — we’ll send you the first installment of Turn Your Pictures into Cash, along with all these bonuses — but at our risk. Not yours. If you faithfully follow the simple techniques, and advice this program gives you — you should have a saleable photograph within days.

This means you can go out and sell it for $50… $150… $400… $800… perhaps even more.

And if you don’t think you can, you can let us know by phone, or email and we’ll refund your investment. It’s as simple as that. You’ve got a full month to give it a try.

On the other hand, if you’re thrilled with your progress, and you can’t wait to turn your skill up another notch, we’ll continue sending you the remaining 11 installments monthly (only $35 each!) You won’t pay anything near the $786 value for this program.

I think you’ll find that as you advance your skill, your income will too. But even if you’re not satisfied, just call or email us. We’ll cancel all future installments. Easy peasy.

There’s absolutely no risk. Sell just one photo a month and this program will pay for itself many times over! It’s like getting all this great photo advice for free.

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Plus, you’ll also get a copy of The Photographer’s Shortcut to Travel Writing Success: Go From Beginner to Professional… Fast, FREE when you respond today.

This photo has sold more than 8,000 times at
an online stock photo agency. Photo by Lise Gagne

This Truly is a Remarkable Opportunity for
You to Unleash the Budding Photographer in You…
But I Urge You to ACT NOW!

Photography can provide an excellent means to transform your travels into paid vacations. It also provides a measure of freedom I suspect you value highly. You can live wherever you like, work whenever you feel like it…

Plus I can say from my own experience that exploring the world – always with a pen in hand and a camera around my neck – has given me many of my very fondest memories… and some unbelievable perks, too.

Photography is amazing. It can feed the soul and inspire people. The possibilities are endless. That’s why I urge you to act now, while this program comes with these extra bonuses at no extra cost to you.

If you love creativity… if you love taking pictures (and wouldn’t mind turning into a pro within the next 12 months)…

If you love exploring your community and the beauty of this world…

If you would enjoy people treating you like a VIP… then start today and order instantly online, here

Wishing You Profitable Pictures,

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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