January’s Photo Challenge Theme: Blood Sweat and Tears

January’s theme is "Blood Sweat and Tears" and it includes images that depict intense energy and emotional and physical commitment to a goal.

Your picture can include people in any form of business, entertainment, or sports -- a student getting through a tough class or passing a big test… business people involved in an arduous business deal… or even a traveler after a long, stressful trip.  Think:

* Blood -- sports injuries, football tackles, ice hockey fights
* Sweat -- training, practicing, working hard
* Tears -- losing, winning, exhaustion, seeing an old friend

Singers, actors, dancers, football players, sports fans, even kids and pets can make for great subjects.  Smiles are good too.  Blood, sweat, and tears pictures don’t have to portray grueling circumstances.  We cry when we lose but we also often cry when we win or when we help a friend in need who greatly appreciates our aid. The happy ending to a long journey that you thought you would never see, or having to say goodbye to anyone or anything can elicit tears, too.

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Good luck!

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