Photographers: What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm pregnant. Things were going smoothly until very recently. I've spent a few weeks on medication and bed rest and I haven't had the time or energy to take the pregnancy photos I've wanted to snap.

But I'm doing much better now and got up this morning thinking, "Today's the day. We're taking photos!"

But nothing went right. The batteries in my digital SLR weren't charged.  I couldn't find the wireless transmitter that connects to my studio lights.

It was just one of those days. And it reminded me that, well, sometimes your equipment just doesn't cooperate. So here are a few things to keep in mind for when this happens to you…

** 1) If you upgrade your equipment from a point-and-shoot to an SLR, don't get rid of your point-and-shoot.  Most photographers have both.  And you'll be thankful when the day comes that you need a back up or otherwise lose the shot.

** 2) If you have studio lights and you can't get the results you want, try natural light.  In the picture below, for instance, I got light from the window and used both a poster board to reflect light back on me as well as the on-camera flash to light up the blocks in the foreground. (It's not perfect. But if I go into labor tomorrow, at least I have these shots for my album -- though they may not be saleable.)

** 3) Try different angles.  None of the shots I wanted to take turned out right because I didn't have the light I wanted and my selective focus capabilities were limited because you can't change lenses on the point-and-shoot camera I was using.  If you're having the same problem, get creative.  Try different angles.  You may surprise yourself.

At the end of the day, it's not likely any of the photos I took today are saleable as stock.  Without the right lighting and the right equipment, I don't think they'll meet the technical requirements you need for stock photo agencies

But, if nothing else, I'll have photos for my album and a day spent being creative - and practicing -- with my camera.

Tomorrow, I've asked professional stock photographer Shelly Perry to look through the photos I took today and tell us what else could be done with so-so, shots like mine.

Stay tuned.  And have a good weekend.

-- Lori

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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