4 responses to “Photography for Beginners: Understanding Aperture”

  1. Amber-Dawn Cusack

    For, me this is great! Really explanatory and in terms I can relate to. I particularly enjoyed the explanation of the Pirates' eye patches! While some of the mystique has gone, it makes a lot of sense. Although the lesson is simply explained and illustrated, I'm very happy that we can access the information at will.

    Thanks so much for taking the trouble to put this program together.


  2. rosi

    At last! Something that helps me remember where to start

    2 petals on a flower f2
    22 flowers in a field f22

    will give it a try when it stops raining.

  3. Suzanne

    This has been so helpful, sometimes it just takes a different explanation -analogy for someone to understand it. Your comparison to the eye patch is great, your notes and the follow up video reinforces the concept and provides extra information and ways to look at things and consider. So...... simply...... brilliant. Thank you, looking forward to the other information lessens for beginners.


  4. Jaysin Allen Juarez

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for this website (Lori especially, I very much enjoy your lessons!) What you provide to me as an amateur photographer is invaluable and I am grateful to have found you! The last time I had a photography class was about 18 years ago in 8th grade. I like to think I have an artistic eye, but there's obviously more to taking a great photograph.

    By an awesome and quite unbelievable series of events, the camera I'm using was actually a gift for being a studio audience member. What is unbelievable, was in part how I got on the show but more so, that I had been saving and had asked for money instead of gifts for Christmas in order to purchase a camera. Now, it's not a Canon or a Nikon, however, the Fuji camera that I'm using is still a wonderful and very capable camera, and your lessons have helped me to understand it more and more each day.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that much time and effort has gone into the preparation of these lessons along with your passion for the subject, and it shows. I will be anxiously awaiting my next lesson.

    Jaysin Allen Juarez

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