One response to “Photos from Thailand and My Fear of Photographing People”

  1. Bill Bentley

    Hi Bonnie and thanks for the great photos of people - nice and close, clear focus, good composition and amazing use of light (all things I still have to learn!)

    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your presentations at the Portland Conference - just excellent. And thanks, too for your help on a more personal level regarding the problems I had with Lightroom on my computer. You even followed up after the conference with feedback on your research on Google into the problems. Much appreciated.

    That conference was to be my Big Breakthrough - and I put enormous effort into getting some photos ready for review, hoping that at least one would make it to an Agency before I left Portland. But alas, that was not to be. The computer problems with lightroom would not go away - my photos too, were just awful - I learned a lot about how to do things wrong, and I was depressed by the huge gap between all of your work and my pathetic results. More important, was the fact that I finally realized (too late), that before you can hope to get anywhere with stock photography, you have to invest massively in a quality camera and equipment. I invested all I had in the airfare, conference and hotel - and had nothing left for that vital equipment. I came with a borrowed camera - as was shattered when Rich Wagner said, "Why bother to learn about a borrowed camera - you're never going to use it again!" So, I returned the camera, and forgot about stock photography. The truth is, you have to invest a fortune, before you can make a few pennies. I just can't afford it - so now, my focus is back on Travel Writing and Photography, which is where I began. I've been gamely going out with my beloved little Sony point-and-shoot and taking lots of shots - lots of close-ups too, and am half way through Jen Stevens' excellent course.

    Wish I could come to Thailand, but can't - for the same reason I can't afford a nice new Canon. I even have trouble just going through the mechanics of uploading and sending a photo to your BSC - it's so frustrating.... , but I'm not giving up - I'm grabbing help from friends here in Denmark, whenever they are available in their busy lives. Have also "joined" the local Kalundborg photo club, but have yet to get there! They meet tonight, so after my Spanish teaching, I'll head down there and see what I can learn about photography (in Danish of course).

    Thanks again for your help - You're a Star!



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